Minuteman Press Franchise Review: The Southwest Holds Advantages for Franchisees in the B2B Industry http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Minuteman Press Franchise Review: The Southwest Holds Advantages for Franchisees in the B2B Industry

What is it like to own a Minuteman Press franchise in the Southwest? Owners share their insights.

Certain truths about what makes a successful franchise are constant no matter where the excited new business owners celebrate their grand openings.  The evidence of those truths is most clearly seen in the lives of active franchise owners who are happy with the training and support they receive in order to confidently craft their own businesses and their own, more fulfilled lives.  Beyond the trendy franchise opportunities that can be a distracting lure are the long-established and well-respected industry leaders such as the modern printing industry’s own Minuteman Press International.

Franchising in the Southwest: Arizona and Colorado

Jack Panzer, Minuteman Press Regional Vice President representing Arizona and Colorado:

“I take my pride and my reputation very seriously and I can say I have a fantastic relationship with 100 percent of my owners.  I am honest and they can rely on me to be truthful and accurate.  The franchisor/franchisee relationship is vital for the success of the owner and the whole company.  The Colorado region is strong. Business is exploding. I talked to several folks during their discovery phase and some had started up several different businesses independently and they are done with that and they are going into franchising.  After visiting Minuteman Press and International Minute Press locations, they told me that every single owner was very happy with the franchise and the lifestyle they are building for themselves.

I have spent 14 years working for Minuteman Press International and I only put one guy into business that had printing experience (in 2003) and he is still going strong.  When I asked him why he wanted to go from independent business ownership to becoming a Minuteman Press franchise owner, he told me that while he had lots of experience in printing, he didn’t have the experience in marketing, nor the buying power and since we DO, he wanted to join us.”

2 International Minute Press franchise owners talk about small town charm, personalized service and what it’s like to be a marketing consultant:

Joel Brookmyer, owner of International Minute Press in Casa Grande, AZ:

“We are a small town and we tend to know each other.  It’s an advantage because we get to know our customers on a more personal level.  For instance, we run into each other in town at the grocery store.  I came from a small town and it is nice for us to run our business in a small town.  We get a lot of referrals as a direct result of the kind of closeness that develops in a tight-knit community.  A big key of our success is personalized customer service.  When you know your clients as well as I know mine, you can help them more effectively and are better able to help them spend their money wisely.  I can help them promote their businesses through developing an integrated marketing strategy that fits them in the correct way and complements our small town culture.”

Fun Fact:  Colorado’s southwest corner borders Arizona, New Mexico and Utah the only place in America where the corners of four states meet.

Joel Brookmyer, owner, International Minute Press franchise, Casa Grande, Arizona. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Joel Brookmyer, owner, International Minute Press franchise, Casa Grande, Arizona.

Bo Gustafsson, owner of International Minute Press in Scotsdale, AZ:

“My past experience, I was running a business named Deuxiana, an 80 year old Swedish company that sells high-end furniture and I have been on both sides of the desk in terms of franchisor/franchisee. I appreciate the support and simplicity of the Minuteman Press franchise.  One of the more important components of Minuteman Press International is the regional, local support personnel and how they are there when I need them.  Jack is someone I can turn to whenever I need his assistance.  It is invaluable.

I moved this location to North Scottsdale after being downtown for 9 years.  This is the financial center of the valley; to be here as a franchise owner is an advantage.  We are probably up about 20% in our business including the relocation.  It is a strong region in which to operate a B2B services industry business because there are a lot of businesses here and they are high end.

I have an extended background in marketing and branding, helping people rebrand to help them grow their businesses. For instance, I helped a financial group with a new logo recently.  For them, as for all of my clients, I am a sounding board and a marketing consultant.  Once I hear what they want to do, I can advise the best ways to deliver their messages to their audiences.   The man from the financial group had this ceramic bull for years and he liked a graphic that incorporated the bull but he didn’t know what to do with it.  We did know what to do with it, so we successfully designed a customized logo and we made the slogan “We are bullish about your success”, and he was very happy with the results.  Minuteman Press, allows me to become a trusted advisor to my clients and help them develop an integrated marketing strategy.”

Bo Gustafsson, owner, International Minute Press franchise, Scotsdale, Arizona. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Bo Gustafsson, owner, International Minute Press franchise, Scotsdale, Arizona.

Franchising in the Southwest: Dallas, TX (AR/LA/OK/TX/Mexico)

Pete Scaglione, Minuteman Press Regional Vice-President located in Dallas, TX:

“I always say don’t buy into a franchise unless you take advantage of the entire benefits the franchise has to offer. The majority of people look for a specific reason to buy into a franchise. It seems what I personally hear a lot of is support. Would you buy a new car without the warranty? In our region, the ongoing support after the purchase is essential. Our goal is to assist the owners in their success with the continued training, support and education in every aspect of the business. Experience in the business is what’s important. To elevate costly mistakes that business owners can make, which costs them time and money. A proven method of ideas and strategies that work in today’s rapidly changing market place. Our proprietary management system software is a major part of the success of our stores, enabling franchise owners to have a complete understanding from day to day operations as well as the powerful marketing tools to grow and retain their client bases.

Also, the Minuteman Press franchise has buying power! Large numbers allow for mass purchasing discounts, which in turn, gives discounts from our suppliers, vendors and even equipment purchasing.  Our stores can be very competitive with higher profits. Within our region, about 95% of the owners had no experience in the industry at all. We are teaching people to work on their business and not work in it.”

FUN FACT:  Texas is home to Dell and Compaq computers and central Texas is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of the south.

Franchising in the Southwest: Houston, TX

Rich Panowitz, Area Manager in Houston, TX:

“I try to keep in close contact with all the owners in my region. I’m originally from Michigan and worked out of the Columbus regional office. I would primarily work with the owners throughout Michigan and Northern Ohio, from Toledo to Cleveland and as far south as Akron, Canton and Medina. I still look forward to seeing those folks at the Minuteman Press conventions. Now that I’m in the south and running a region with the assistance of Pete Scaglione, RVP, it’s a new set of responsibilities. I still very much like working closely with owners like Connie Chandler in Humble, TX, helping her grow her business. We’ll talk about everything from clubs and organizations to staffing her business, to sales and marketing. I take a lot of pride in the success of the stores in my region. I enjoy sharing stories from all the owners I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with over the years and passing along ideas and suggestions to help them with the success of their business.”

Connie and Darryal Chandler, owners, Minuteman Press franchise, Humble, Texas. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Connie and Darryal Chandler, owners, Minuteman Press franchise, Humble, Texas.

One Houston, TX Minuteman Press franchise owner finds joy and business growth in helping his community

Steve Edman, owner of Minuteman Press in Bellaire, TX:

“To be an owner of a business in Bellaire/southwest Houston is really cool especially since I grew up in this neighborhood. A little more pride and effort is easy when you know what it takes to make a difference. The friendships and contacts you make over the years pay off in a variety of ways.

Retiring from a career in selling and marketing beer and making people happy; to a new life of selling print and making business customers happy is an unbelievable opportunity. Both industries are similar. With beer, when times are good you toast success, when times are bad you drown your sorrows with the goal of “getting back on your feet’. Same with printing, when business is good you promote your success. And when times are bad you advertise to keep your name in the market place to turn things around.

I came from a company with branding identity recognized around the world, Anheuser Busch. There is no doubt that is why I bought into the Minuteman Press franchise system. The brand stands alone in the Printing industry and gives me an easier path to open doors to build my business.

I have said many times that buying my shop is like my new 401K. We take pride in printing for non-profit organizations, schools, churches, and the local businesses. We support their mission by spreading their word thru print. The joy in helping others in the community is the real ‘payday.’”

Steve Edman and staff – Minuteman Press in Bellaire, Houston, Texas http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Steve Edman and staff – Minuteman Press in Bellaire, Houston, Texas

Franchising in the Southwest: Decades-proven system of operation

Most Minuteman Press and International Minute Press owners have no experience in the printing industry, but that does not inhibit their ability to buy a printing franchise, roll up their sleeves and cultivate a healthy, lucrative business.  When their entrepreneurial drives combine with the award-winning training and decades-proven system of operation established and continually fine-tuned by their franchisor, their first contact with printing technology can come at the time of their initial two week training and be the beginning of a success story.

As Rich Panowitz concludes, “It really doesn’t matter what region your business is in. It all comes down to what you put into your business and the quality of life you want to have. With Minuteman Press, I’ve worked with owners that tell me all the time, ‘I wish I would have done this sooner.’”

Minuteman Press has been named a Top Franchise by Franchise Business Review based solely on direct feedback from owners. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Minuteman Press has been named a Top Franchise by Franchise Business Review based solely on direct feedback from owners.

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