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Minuteman Press Franchise Review: Do Not Keep Your Photos in Digital Purgatory… Print Them!

For enhanced personal enjoyment AND an entrepreneurial edge, it’s time to do more than snap and save images.

We pack our camera phones with thousands of photos until the devices desperately throw pop-ups our way that say, “Memory full.” And so we transfer them onto hard drives, zip drives or “clouds,” clear more space and return to the things that bring us together in celebration and fellowship from birthdays and holidays to professional networking events. And, we do this while trying to capture our most treasured moments through photographs that will most likely be saved and stored. How far have we come from the days that found us sprawling onto our parents’ beds with boxes of printed photographs, spreading them out, tracing the features of the faces of people we loved and bonding over the memories as we do it?

We post these memories to social media and exchange comments in real time, but it isn’t long before the deluge of digital material that gathers as we enjoy contemporary connectivity buries those images. Yes, we can look them up and we can pull out old drives and upload them, but as technology advances and we continue to save and tuck away our moments in digital form, we sacrifice the spilling of the photos on the bed and the scrap-booking. This is a wasteful path that can be avoided by printing them to have and to hold as they were meant to be.

And if you are, let’s say, a restaurant owner believing photos of your specialty dishes are best served on your PC, phone or website only, then you are doing your bottom line a disservice.  Business builds when we break out from bad habits. Failing to use the photos that boast our products and services is a potentially costly mistake.  Incorporating them into sharply printed marketing collateral to reach the far corners of your target audience is a far better fate than uploading them once online, or not at all.

Dropbox isn’t infallible as, technically, businesses can fail and take your data off the cliff with them.

It is probable that our “techy” population is working hard to keep hardware and software moving forward while still serving its purpose and maintaining balance enough NOT to cause mass extinction of our treasured photos and other files.   Today, people all over the world take billions of photos (mostly JPG format) and store them without thought about long-term file format accessibility.

The simplest most satisfying solution is returning to the purpose of taking photos in the first place.  You should preserve and use your pictures beyond digital format by printing them.   Yes, there can be fires, liquid spills or fading (depending on quality), but if your images are worth anything, you’ll get yourself a photo box, an album or frames; and thanks to advances in the printing industry, shirts, blankets, mugs, posters and so many other fun things can be adorned with your photos.  It’s old-school wisdom with a new-school flair and it’s fun.

Jim Hill, Vice President for the world’s leading digital print, design and marketing franchise, Minuteman Press International, knows that it’s wasteful to take so many photos only to have them collect space on a zip drive, for instance.  The photos we take exist because the moments we purposely set to capture with our lenses matter to us.  As a business owner, images that depict your brand colors, logo and your slogan simply must be printed and distributed so that people can get what you are about without scrolling past your message.

Design and digital print experts help produce results when you bring your digital files to be put to work for you and there are no Minuteman Press franchise complaints when it comes to bringing to life unique images from our personal and business experiences through printing them.  Jim shares, “Digital files, photos (in this case) are not serving you unless you print them.  Just one item of many that has become very popular over the past several years that Minuteman Press franchises provide to their clients is the option to take photos, enlarge them and print them on canvas.  It’s perceived to be a lot more expensive than it really is and looks very rich, very impressive.  Photos printed for a frame or put onto a poster in collage format become more than just keepsakes. They are expressions of who you are, whether it’s at home or at work.  Additionally, the right photo on a business card or in a presentation folder can add that something extra needed to capture the right attention from the right people and help bring in new business.”

Printing our photos encourages us to pay attention to the very best ones, to highlight quality over quantity for all to see

We take TOO many photos now because it’s easy and cheap with a smartphone.  We are all guilty.  I don’t blame us, but because we do not have to print all we take, we saturate our devices with pictures we take exponentially more than we did decades ago.  The neat thing about printing them is the satisfaction of sifting through the 19,567 shots of your dog and kids taken over the past few years and choosing the best hundred or two to bring into the physical world through the many ways you can print them these days.  In this way, we hold ourselves to a higher standard, one that was forced upon us when we had a mere 30 to snap with a roll of film and had to be more conservative before snapping that wayward picture of a giraffe at the zoo, over the picture of your son holding hands with his father, lovingly.  It costs us nothing to take 900 lackluster pictures at our friend’s wedding and that is why we do it, but we wouldn’t print them all because a lot of them are forgettable.  Print the ones that are unforgettable, always.  It is not only more fun to create photo albums, frame them or turn to wide-format printing for stunning posters, it is a show-stealing way to help protect them from obscurity.

Remember, it’s not just heartstrings that are positively impacted by printing images (and files) that matter to us in our lives; purse strings benefit as well.  If you are a business owner and you are collecting photos from networking events, perhaps community clean-ups, sports’ sponsorship acknowledgements, company holiday parties, or pictures of your products and services at work for your clients, you are best served if you do more than hit “post” on social and business media.  Take some of those business building moments that you snapped up with your smartphone, print them and use them in direct mail promotions and to adorn the walls of your physical location for all to see and admire.  Even more wise would be to engage with a marketing specialist within the B2B services industry to discover so many ways you can take those digitally captured pictures and print them on promotional marketing collateral so instead of being buried under the volume of additional digital-only files, they can break out into the real world and help you make real progress as an entrepreneur.

After all, 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy kind of marketing (according to Choose Print), so waste no further time collecting photos that may wind up on your business website with limited effect.  Employ the wisdom of integrated marketing instead and reap the results that statistics reveal will take your business to new heights.

Scott Levine, owner of Minuteman Press in Bellerose, NY extends his expertise at the head of the modern version of the printing industry to people who know that photos and images serve us well in a digital format yet printing the best ones for particular purposes is wise and gratifying, personally and professionally.  Scott says, “We have seen an increase in visits from people who are not as digitally savvy coming in with their smartphones and the various photos they have collected over time.  Sometimes, people want to mark special occasions with print and, beyond the unmatched class of a printed invitation for an anniversary party, for instance, they want to feature precious, older photos in unique ways.  We have taken those old photos, scanned them and turned them into high-quality posters, for example, and helped create a celebration that carries a new level of intimacy.”

Scott continues with a reminder about how print helps boost marketing efforts and putting photos related to your business to work for you through stand-out printed collateral is the way to go for growth.  He has helped many entrepreneurs achieve this end with style and measurable results.  Scott explains, “While we are always there to help folks who simply want to print and preserve their memories in a variety of ways, we are, at the core, digital print design and marketing specialists and as such, we regularly help those who come in with photos and other images that can help their businesses grow, even when they aren’t quite sure how to utilize them.  Sometimes, new businesses do not realize the incredibly positive impact of taking photos from the digital realm into reality through high-quality printed brochures, catalogs, flyers and business cards, for example.  Marketing materials should span digital and printed channels and through personalized marketing consultations, our clients are gratified when the results of a properly integrated campaign start rolling in.”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but of the thousands of pictures we click so easily today, we should print the very best ones; some to honor their worth in our lives and some put to work to grow our businesses.

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