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Why Minuteman Press International IS the Modern Printing Industry

Today, there is more reason than ever to be excited about buying a printing franchise as B2B services industry clients realize the advantages of having that one partner for all of their marketing needs.

If you were a 19th century printer, perhaps working for printing press inventor Gutenberg himself, you would be skilled at the time-consuming and arduous task of putting type together manually, so skilled that you could artistically merge about 2,000 symbols or letters an hour.  Today, the computer in your home office can put together the same number of letters or characters in a few seconds.  As you read this article, know that a greater number of words are being printed in the world at this moment than were printed throughout the duration of the 15th and 16th centuries combined.

Writers, artists, people hoping to spread the good word about their business offerings all have cherished print on paper for centuries and we, their audience, relish in the act of getting our hands on their printed work.  For centuries, even as late as the 19th century, printers completed printed works in the tradition of Gutenberg, by hand.  From there, technology eased the burden of those dedicated to the craft of typesetting and printing through the design of steam and then electrically powered presses.  Sometime during the 1970s, early computers entered the printing industry and offset printing assumed command while visionary industry leaders like Roy W. Titus saw the writing on the wall (or the ink on paper, if you will) and opened the first ever Minuteman Press location; and the local community thrived as a result of his efforts, so much so that Titus knew he had something big in the business to business services industry.

More Minuteman Press franchise locations launched under the guidance of Roy and his team, using the power of print and personalized customer service as a foundation upon which this revered brand developed a reputation for delivering “The job you needed yesterday,” the corporation’s original slogan, a distinct departure from earlier, tedious print shop production.  Suddenly, small business owners who were previously without a partner to project their voices to target audiences were seen and heard in just the right places.

As their bottom lines grew, so did the desire for entrepreneurs to become part of Roy Titus’ winning vision of the printing industry through franchising.  From there, as printing technology and its accompanying software advanced, Minuteman Press International remained ahead of the curve to the benefit of their franchise owners and the communities in which they took root.

Bob Titus, President and CEO of Minuteman Press International, was at his father’s side developing a franchise system that has gone on to be ranked number one in category by Entrepreneur in 2017 for the 14th straight year and 25 times overall.  He reflects on the early days of the corporation, sharing, “My father and I started this business together, opening one little print shop in Plainview, NY.  By 1975, we had 3 and started franchising.  We put our efforts into supporting our owners in every aspect of the business knowing full well that the greater their strides are as owners of their individual franchises, the greater the strides would be for our entire company.  The more we advance into the future, the more proof accumulates that the most successful franchisees are the ones who follow our system the closest.”

Print has always been accommodating and endures in a contemporary, highly digitized setting for its tangibility, credibility AND for business owners, its unique ability to legitimize and solidify brands

20th century quick printers capitalized on the insatiable appetite we all have for a printed piece that we can pick up and hold, read and contemplate.  We save and share the printed holiday cards we exchange and the printed mail pieces that have been thoughtfully targeted to suit our tastes and our needs. There is also a continued sense of legitimacy to print that is not going to be replicated by any digital “signature”.  Printed marketing done with a clear objective and the highest quality is timeless.   Printers championed the ability to serve brand identity through meticulous attention to colors, fonts and imagery to establish and maintain lucrative brand recognition for their clients.  The modern printing industry capitalizes on advances in technology without sacrificing the basic precepts of marketing success, which is rooted in the use of a broad range of printed marketing collateral today.  Expanding from print on paper, we now have print on everything, everywhere; and thanks to the advent of internet, integrated marketing specialists can create harmony between digital and printed efforts into a comprehensive marketing campaign.

The modern printing industry is foundationally sound and projected to keep gaining momentum thanks to the expansive nature of print technology and the integration of digital marketing

Minuteman Press International IS the modern printing industry and the standard by which digital print, design and marketing services are measured.  From offset, to digital to inkjet printing technology, to the intelligent incorporation of accommodating software to help clients create and maintain a relevant online brand presence, it is known that contemporary marketing techniques are to be found in one place, your local Minuteman Press.

Bob Titus is able to educate potential and new entrepreneurs on the reason why Minuteman Press leads the evolution of the print industry with unmatched experience and foresight. He explains, “When we opened our first center in 1973 it was all about getting the customers their letterhead, envelopes, business cards, brochures and price lists back to them quickly with great quality.   As the equipment and computer use for graphic design (that we used to call typesetting) made huge advancements in capabilities, the process became simpler.  Our product line has expanded considerably.  Today, we can print on almost everything.  Anything a company or business uses with their name, trademark, or logo, Minuteman Press can produce.  We are branding specialists.  We are able to keep our customers branding consistent whether it be printed material, the website, clothing or promotional products.”

Today, advances in technology have transformed and augmented the capabilities of the printing industry, making once costly, high-end offerings available to those wishing to buy a printing business. 

Although the term “printing industry” is firmly established, it conceals the wider scope of a new reality that allows a tremendously broad range of products and services from print on a seemingly endless number of items. Add to that the ability to design complementary digital brand representations that can all be maintained and updated as results roll in for clients and the modern printing industry reveals its true marketing omnipotence.  All of this is happening now, while costs are being cut, productivity increased and efficiency in digital and inkjet printing advance continually to the benefit of the economy and the environment.

Michael Jutt, Executive Vice President and Director of Training for Minuteman Press International, is a respected expert with a vast knowledge of the printing industry, both traditional and new.  Mike and his staff handle all the research and development for the corporation and have guided its development for more than four decades.  He is able to speak with authority on some of the reasons why Minuteman Press International is the standard by which the rest of the printing industry measures progress, sharing, “Yes, ours is the modern printing industry with wonderful, new and exciting changes; but the key elements that have always made the industry great are alive and breathing.

First, the need for print and related services remains strong and constant.  Customers need our products.  They buy our products, use them up and come back to buy more.  We truly have great repeat business and that builds a strong client base.  The value of our average customer’s yearly expenditures has remained very high and very profitable; and in many cases, with the addition of all our other products and services, those expenditures have increased dramatically.  Core products such as brochures, flyers, business cards, letterheads, catalogues, envelopes and all kinds of other marketing collateral materials are still in high demand.  They were in use before John Glenn landed on the moon and we continue to produce them today along with a whole lot more.  The advantages today are mostly quite simple.  The modern printing industry provides easier, cleaner, more cost effective and faster methods of producing these products with a smaller carbon foot print.  Our universe of products that sold “back in the day” were quite limited.  Today, what we sell seems as limitless as space.”

The evolution of society through technology demands more than ink on paper and Minuteman Press International saw that coming years ago, effectively steering the direction of the number-one rated digital print, design and marketing franchisor into the sweet spot, where the traditional and contemporary merge into longevity.

Mike Jutt continues, “No longer do we just print on paper or design just for paper.  We use all kinds of material and several different printing technologies.  For an independent printing company owner to stay ahead of the curve would be nearly impossible in comparison as it requires being on top of the industry changes and to do that requires an enormous amount of time and energy that an independent cannot afford. I am proud to say that we have the resources, knowhow and the right team at Minuteman Press International staying continually on top of the latest developments on behalf of our franchise owners.  We find, evaluate, and test the equipment, not just from a functionality standpoint, but from a profitability standpoint.  When the equipment and the products it produces have proven successful, we negotiate a mass purchase agreement on behalf of our entire franchise system, not just on the equipment but also services and supplies.  Our owners benefit from the good fortune that is the great relationships we have with our suppliers.  It makes their lives a lot easier and keeps their profitability high.”

Mike looks to the future with certainty and optimism, adding, “We are the modern printing industry, operating in a truly great space with endless possibilities.”

Rachel Garcia, owner of Minuteman Press in Issaquah, WA, is infusing her local business community with scalable solutions that help her clients effectively portray their messages to their target audiences with the latest technology coupled with the most proven methods of marketing success.  In the long-ago established tradition of personalized customer service that is the culture of her franchisor, Minuteman Press International, she is a contemporary marketing services provider able to complete the most challenging projects while delivering the highest quality results.  It all starts with a consultation that is unique to each client and focused on their particular goals from concept to completion.

Rachel says, “Many of our clients are interested in marketing their businesses. We try to become trusted business partners with our clients, providing marketing ideas, and design solutions. We keep our eyes open for new, exciting products to present our clients to meet their marketing needs across all channels.”

The reason Minuteman Press complaints are not to be found among satisfied B2B clients worldwide is because each franchise today is a complete marketing services provider, not a quick print shop.  The difference is to be found in the corporation itself and its dedication to remaining ahead of the demands of a fast-paced internet driven society.  Through strategically incorporated technological advantages along with the business-building continuity that comes with a genuine investment into the success of each of the many thousands of clients all over the globe, Minuteman Press International defines the modern printing industry and the future is rife with growth.

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