Minuteman Press Franchise Review: How to Make Yourself Captivating to Your Clients

You are the number one ambassador of your brand as a business owner, so captivate your clients with some help from marketing experts.

In the mid-1990s, the California Milk Processor Board asked its audience this simple question, “Got Milk?” From there, a catchphrase was born that has been adopted across multiple genres and endorsed by many milk-mustached celebrities on screen and in print.  Even today, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who isn’t familiar with or doesn’t respond to this action-inducing slogan.

Although the CMPB initially targeted milk drinkers and wasn’t trying to convert those of us who prefer almond milk, sales still rose 7% in that first year. They successfully excited their consumers enough to become proud of the product they were providing and to buy more of it.  It seemed like everyone was promoting the dairy industry’s prized beverage through every milk-moustache that was willfully worn in the wake of the trend.

In order to get your business into a position to grow, you simply must captivate your clients with how you present yourself and to do that, you need to connect with them not as you hope to, but as they hope you will.  From there, you can capture their attention enough to tell the story of your professional offering in a way that lights them up and rouses action.  Also, as with the “Got Milk?” campaign, you may even invigorate current clients to become stronger advocates; and before long, you’ll gather an enthusiastic crowd.

What is the story of your business and why should people care?

One of the strongest ingredients in marketing that works is the story of your business, what you do and why people should care.  Out in the community or at networking events that all starts with how you portray yourself (and it doesn’t mean you have to do cartwheels for attention).  The best communicators are storytellers first and as a business owner, you climbed a lot of hurdles to get where you are, so you can talk about that journey and make it complete with details that include heroes (your mentors), villains (your challenges), and the rousing victory that is your current operation.

  • Your truth can be captivating if it is relatable. People admire entrepreneurs, so you start out on the plus side.  When you talk about who you are and what you do, approach it with joy and pride and don’t try to cover up the obstacles that you’ve overcome to finally enjoy your grand opening because that you’ve overcome them is impressive.
  • From there, just listen. When people are talking about themselves, it is an offering of trust you should take without clever interjections.  Simply offer open-ended questions that allow them a further chance to reveal even more.

Let a design expert help you tell stories of your successes to highlight the many times your business has benefited others

People will be drawn to the dedication it takes to run your business. During the natural course of conversation, they will come to know what your company does and why it is different from the rest.  Through a relatable tale that includes the trials and triumphs of your business and how it serves other people well, you are encouraging your audience to join in for their own good.  And the conversation should extend from your face-to-face interactions to those you have in print and online.

Maria Medina, owner of Minuteman Press in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, is captivating as a digital print, design and marketing expert in that she genuinely believes in her mission to help other businesses tell their stories, to begin and continue a grand conversation about their products and services across all channels.  She welcomes folks representing all industries to partner with her through their own journeys as they build a client base through authenticity as represented in print, online and in person.

Maria says, “We continuously market ourselves as the one stop shop for any marketing needs. And this is one of the reasons a lot of our customers prefer using us over our competition. We help our clients through the design process. All marketing materials represent the company, so it’s important that the message is consistent across all mediums. We also help clients decide the best material on which to print. Sometimes this means providing paper and finishing options. Other times it requires recommending the best promotional item to print on – for example, a house shaped key ring for a title company, or stress balls for a massage place. Once the item is printed, we are able to mail it out to our customer’s prospective customers, deliver it to their location or even ship it to a convention they may be having out of state.”

Maria and Aj Medina, Minuteman Press, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Maria and Aj Medina, Minuteman Press, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Captivate clients with images that capture your company message and they will not forget you, according to studies.  

The theory is called the “picture superiority effect” and as you can probably guess from such a cocky label, it tells us that images are more likely to stick around in people’s memories than would words alone.  It has been observed in multiple studies using different approaches.

The idea is that “human memory is extremely sensitive to the symbolic modality of presentation of event information.”  That’s a mouthful and a strong reason to visit a design and marketing specialist to transform the words that describe your business into a logo that will sell it.  Once you do, further captivate your audience by printing it on business cards, flyers, brochures and promotional products (while making sure what you print compliments what you post online in style and content).

  • An experiment that included information presented orally alone to one group of people vs. information presented via images revealed that only 10% of the people who got the oral presentation remembered the information 72 hours later. However, those presented with the same information through images were able to remember 65% of the content.  So, an easy way to captivate your clients is to go to a marketing services provider, get a sweet logo designed, then get it generously printed and posted online.

Maria Medina draws clients to her business through her dynamic presence in person, in print and online where she frequently uploads photos on LinkedIn with her beaming smile and a sample of an outstanding print job produced at her location, to the delight of her clients.  Minuteman Press franchise reviews of clients’ needs include a personal investment in the superior outcome of each job.  She adds, “We work with our clients to help decide the best way to hand out their item so that they get the highest return on their investment. We make all our recommendations from experience as we use most of these items and services ourselves to help grow our small business!”

Bob Ylinen, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for Northern California and Nevada knows that once you get your approach and marketing materials ready to captivate your clients, you must not wait for the world to come to you. Bob states, “I have always said that you can go out and make something happen, or you can sit in your store and wait for something to happen to you…and if you wait for something to happen to you, it may not be what you expected. The best way to build your business is by getting face to face with your clientele and finding out more about their business.  If you discover how you can help them meet their needs consistently, they will become loyal. This is how to capture their attention, build stronger relationships and ultimately, a more reliable customer base.”

The whole point of buying a business is that it will grow and if you go through your days in your location, out in the community and online by presenting the story of your business with clear and relatable reasons why people should care, they will join you as active participants for the rest of your entrepreneurial tale.  Through authenticity that resonates through all channels, you will inspire them to the kind of action that sells your products, relies upon your services and ultimately nourishes the essential growth of your whole operation.

About Minuteman Press International

Minuteman Press International is a number one rated business marketing and printing franchise that offers world class training and unparalleled ongoing local support. Started in 1973 by Roy Titus and his son Bob, Minuteman Press began franchising in 1975 and has grown to over 950 business service franchise locations worldwide including the U.S., Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. Minuteman Press is ranked #1 in category by Entrepreneur for 14 years in a row and 25 times overall, including 2017. We are the modern version of the printing industry, providing high quality products and services for businesses that go way beyond just ink on paper. Today our stores produce promotional products, custom apparel, direct mail advertising, large format printing (banners and posters), signs, and much more. Prior experience is not necessary to own and operate a successful Minuteman Press franchise.

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