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Minuteman Press Franchise Review: Print Marketing Makes Your Business POP with Your Customers and Target Audience

Keep putting out fresh and engaging content online but balance that with print and rescue your audience from digital fatigue.

By all means, keep working on killer content and graphics to keep your website alluring.  After all, your consumers are plugged in and looking for you online so there is justification for your digital dedication when it comes to marketing.  So if you own a restaurant, go ahead and upload photos of your most delicious dishes and make people want to lick their screens because the quality and accompanying descriptions are so good.

But if you want your business to stay truly relevant, don’t misstep and focus entirely on social media and website flair, as some business owners mistakenly do.  If you forget to put print to work for you, you are stacking the success of your business on marketing efforts online that are all too easily scrolled away, deleted or overcome with the sheer volume of competition out there in cyberspace.  Print will make your business POP in the eyes of your target audience in a way that ignites excitement that compliments all of your efforts to hit the big time as a brand.

Don’t trip and fall on the myth that print is dying or dead or your business will lose out on that studied and documented integrated marketing magic

The myth that print is dead or losing steam somehow is a dangerous misconception put forth by the well-meaning, naïve or misled who may not be aware of how printed marketing functions as a powerhouse for growth.  The evolution of printed media has not only kept in step with technology, it has strengthened right alongside of the advancement of the tools afforded to marketing in the information age and it guards against the inevitable “digital fatigue” that plagues online-only marketing tactics.

In fact, just one of many studies that support the punch that print packs in terms of driving internet traffic tells us that 44% of direct mail recipients visit a brand’s website after receiving highly targeted, high quality printed marketing messages in their mailboxes, according to Choose Print. We are talking about 10% more traffic than is generated by email marketing alone.  If visiting a digital print, design and marketing expert can help you come up with a clever postcard that could get 4 out of 10 people to go to your website, why on this busy, digitally saturated planet would you wait?

Here’s the cool thing about the contemporary printing industry…

If you’ve been distracted by your screen and lost track of how print has expanded, you might still think that print marketing is complete after you’ve lined-up sharp business cards and presentation folders, but the full potential of print branches out into all sorts of promotional products that people just eat up or, more accurately, use and pass along.  From USB drives and mobile phone power banks to apparel, magnets, drinkware and hats, you can literally put your logo on just about anything that suits the interests of people that are just waiting to get to know your business.  Think about promotional items as they are perceived, as gifts given by a generous member of the business community and know that you are allowing people to use items that make their lives a little bit easier or more attractive all while displaying your logo and contact information, including your website.

In these ways, a physical connection is introduced and folks hold onto simple things like promotional pens and bottle openers, eventually sharing them and your business along with them.  There is an impressive list of promotional items that extend into the creative and the “techy”, all of them ways to make your customers love you for your thoughtfulness and build brand awareness because people love to chat about good things that come their way.

Wendy Krause, owner of Minuteman Press in Silverton, South Africa, is a representative of the modern printing industry and her clients benefit from her expertise with unique abilities to combine both digital and printed marketing efforts into a highly effective campaign.  Sometimes, clients who need it welcome the education about the kinds of impressive results that only printed marketing can deliver.  As Wendy shares, “Simply stated, print is everywhere. Signage advertises your place of business. Branded vehicles advertise your business when they are out on deliveries. Branded packaging advertises your company at your clients’ site. A customer referral may well be initiated from seeing the branded packaging. If the delivery person is also wearing branded clothing and headwear the entire image of the company will be enhanced. The delivery note book used when delivering the goods will represent the company with customised details on each form and quality print.”

Wendy adds, “Promotional products are great client gifts and when they include your company branding it is another great marketing tool. USB’s and pens are very useful, popular items when it comes to branded gifts.  If a gift is passed on it is almost ‘paying’ your marketing forward.”

All successful business owners need to master the various methods of communicating with their target audiences and that requires both printed and digital channels

The clients of Dennis Beck, owner of Minuteman Press in North Palm Beach, FL, continue to benefit from the wisdom of his experience as a contemporary marketing services provider.  If you are working hard to show the world how great your business is, experts like Dennis at your local Minuteman Press franchise are able to keep you up-to-date with the most effective means of communicating your essential message. Doing it across all channels, with excellence, is vital.  Dennis explains, “I would say that 10 years ago (or even more) print was more important for promotion. But today it is part of a total methodology of marketing and promotion. Today, we promote via print thru direct mail advertising, newsletters, and calendar handouts during the New Year, pads, sending thank you notes to customers, discount coupons and the like. However, print must be combined with web advertising. Web advertising is one of the most critical areas where a company can gain new customers. Email advertising is also another area.”

Jeff Robey, veteran Regional Vice President in Florida for Minuteman Press International, is in a position to note the continuity of printed marketing and supports the franchise owners in his region as they continue to help fortify marketing efforts by helping people realize the folly of abandoning print for digital channels only.  As Jeff says, “Print, to this day, remains an effective marketing tool.  Many companies use this tool because it gets results. Just look at your mailbox at home each day.  These companies know we are still a society that likes to pick something up read it and if interested in the product will save the piece to be reviewed again.”

If you want to build trust and make your business POP in the eyes of your target audience, statistics say you need to do it with print.  Nearly 60% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy type of marketing (Print is Big)

When you print your brand message, your logo, and the images that are designed represent your business onto traditional and creative items and serve them to your audience, it serves to boost your marketing efforts in a way that cannot be replicated though digital marketing alone.

Dennis Beck concludes, “Print is important because it has a permanency that other forms of communication do not have.  If you send out a postcard the receiver has it in hand – as against an email ad that you can delete and never see again. Also, print has the ability to communicate in a more personal way. Using variable data the printed piece can be custom made for the recipient.  Also, there is a certain beauty to well-constructed printed matter.  You can use different papers and finishes, etc. In the end print is important because, aside from speech, it is the oldest form of continuing communication between people.  People, even in today’s electronic world, still like to hold and read from a piece of paper.”

And the great thing about the modern printing industry is that paper is only the beginning…

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