Business Owners: Your Team Will Wear Your Brand With Pride with Custom Branded Apparel

Business Owners: Your Team Will Wear Your Brand With Pride with Custom Branded Apparel

Sometimes, the cheapest marketing can be the most valuable. In this way, custom branded apparel fits the bill…

When you strike out into business, you are filled with an excitement to spread the word that what you have to offer cannot be missed and like many entrepreneurs, you may focus on sparing no expense to load a big marketing cannon filled with expensive, sometimes less-than-effective commercial advertising.  It is true that some worthwhile marketing approaches will cost a few extra bucks, but in your vigor to promote your business, it is important to remember that the most expensive, most grand approach isn’t always the greatest one.

More than ever, people are bombarded with media advertising to a desensitizing degree and that is why simple, more direct experiences with your business (such as outfitting your staff with branded apparel) can not only be a great relief and a more intimate way to build ties with the people who need you, it can also give you more bang for your marketing buck.  There is also something about wearing a logo for all to see that sparks conversation and once people start talking about your business, good things start to come your way.

Making sure you and your team are wearing your brand in pride is one of the cheapest, most effective ways to create an automatically upgraded sense of professionalism when clients walk into your location, but it will also generate a sense of pride that will begin subtlety and gain strength as your employee become accustomed to working with each other under the same name, with the same goals.   Branching out beyond your team, the unique charm of branded gear is evident everywhere as smarter business owners learn how branded gifting works to their advantage.  Organizers of road races such as the “Turkey Trots” so prevalent on Thanksgiving Day, always make sure sponsor-loaded t-shirts with a cute printed Turkey on the front are granted to red-faced runners as they cross the finish line and people wear these shirts as if they are trophies (as they feast to their deserved delight hours later with curious family and friends).

Community events that lend themselves to t-shirt giveaways are present throughout the calendar year and that means your brand can be present always, with your team leading the charge as they welcome people to be walking billboards and willing members of a village that is gathering under your business name.  The options to print your business name and logo on apparel and gear are seemingly endless, but shirts are a great place to start as they are a modest investment that will get to work immediately creating thankful fans and agreeable employees proud enough to parade your logo everywhere they go.

It all starts on location with your team leading the fashion statement that puts your business front and center

Everyone representing your brand will be judged the instant clients encounter you at community events or on location and the way you dress is the first judgment upon your business they will pass.  The good news is that it is easy to get yourself over to a digital print, design and marketing expert able to set you up with just the right branded clothes, allowing you to outfit your entire staff with a professional look that will tell people they are in the right place with people who care about the details.  That’s a powerful message to send in a split second first impression.  Also, we can all relate to other advantages branded apparel lends to customers. We have all been in situations, let’s say a big tech retailer such as Best Buy, in which we are lost or confused about what we need and are thrilled to see that deep blue shirt with the little yellow “tag” logo headed our way, to the rescue.

Here are a 2 reasons having clothes emblazoned with your brand are stress free ways to promote your business:

1. Familiarity and deeper ties that bind: Think about the instant bond that occurs when you see someone wearing a hat or a shirt representing your favorite NFL or NHL team. Some big brands command that kind of appeal without trying, but you can generate a similar buzz in the hearts and minds of people in your community if everyone associated with your business wears great looking gear with your logo on it and combines that look with results that make people’s pain go away, no matter what your industry.

2. Small businesses make can make a big impact: You don’t have to be a big, famous company to be relentless about getting the colors and logo of your business out into the public, if you have the right gear. Even if you have a company jacket, you can drape it on a bench or a chair, or keep it over your shoulders as you go through the scenes of your daily life. It will be noticed and people will be more likely to ask you about your products and services.

Chris Jutt, Regional Vice President for Minuteman Press in the Pacific Northwest, confidently speaks to what Minuteman Press franchise owners know so well, branded apparel designed in just the right way captures the culture of your business and is an undeniable marketing tool that every business should try on for size.

As he says, “Custom branded apparel is a marketing tool like no other. Shirts, jackets and hats are only the beginning. Invest in a company uniform! It puts your name in front of every customer or potential customer they come in contact with. Repetition breads familiarity! So get your brand out there every way you can. It promotes you and your products. So promote your brand and remember it’s an investment in yourself and your company!”

Now That Your Employees are Wearing Your Logo and Colors, Get Them Onboard as Full-time Brand Ambassadors

Mike Berg, Minuteman Press, Ashland, Virginia, not only helps his business to business industry clients outfit their own employees with a wide variety of attractive branded apparel, he also makes sure that his own team has the gear and the attitude that his well-respected Minuteman Press franchise deserves in order to gain more momentum with new and returning clients.  Mike says, “We all spend a great amount of time, effort and expense to manage our brand.  There is a gold nugget that lies outside of the traditional thinking of signage, vehicle graphics, mailings, websites, Facebook, etc.  That nugget is our personnel, both employees and owner/management.  To capitalize on the opportunity lets drill down to question several areas of contact with our customers: Direct (in person), phone and emails.”

All the ways we interact with our clients require that we are friendly, polite, understanding and helpful.  It is so easy to get a little abrupt during a hectic day but it can be so costly in the long run.  Here are a few tips from Mike Berg:

  • The one area that requires a little more attention is the direct (in-person) contact at our shop through showing dedication to our clients’ needs.
  • Good grooming, as we learned growing up, is a given requirement and never debatable.
  • Attentively listening to our client’s thoughts in their entirety before jumping in with suggestions or alternatives makes them feel understood and important to the process.
  • A great smile and taking time for small talk creates a pleasant experience that draws people back for their next project.

Minuteman Press franchise complaints about company attire are not prevalent as they are the modern printing industry in action with a variety of appealing designs that employees want to wear. Other small businesses can take note as Mike explains from his perspective: “Providing approved Minuteman Press logo apparel to employees is the one decision that requires an investment.   But, think about the benefits both while at work and coming or going. When compared to other branded options, eye catching apparel has the unique plus of having a real person attached to the signage.  It allows anyone within sight to ask a question concerning the business from a knowledgeable source.  This is truly an amazing opportunity to sell the services of the company.”

Some of the best marketing opportunities do not cost a lot of money.  If you are not already wearing your brand every day, it is time to start.  If you haven’t yet gifted your employees with stylish clothes bearing your brand, it is time to find a marketing services provider and have your logo printed on several cool and creative apparel items.  If you show love for your team in this way, they will love your business in return and that love will spread to potential customers.  So, print your brand and have everyone wear it for the world to see.

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