Printing Franchises Positively Shine Today and Here is Why…

Printing Franchises Positively Shine Today and Here is Why…

Advancements in technology haven’t dulled the shine of print marketing; it has lit up ALL channels!

The exciting news for those looking to buy a print franchise is that a little further research will lead you to business to business franchise opportunities offered that are grounded in print, but progressive and forward thinking enough to realize that advances in technology has whet our appetites for a union of what has always worked well (printed marketing collateral) with what is proving to extend that reach (digital marketing applications). Minuteman Press International is the #1 rated printing and marketing franchise by Entrepreneur. 

It isn’t every franchisor that has kept its finger on the pulse of contemporary marketing needs and had vision and intelligence enough to expand from the strong foundation that is print into helping clients design and unleash a standout presence for their brands online.  Minuteman Press International IS the modern printing industry. Today, it provides a prime example of why print franchises shine and flourish in its nearly 1,000 digital print, design and marketing franchise owners all over the world.

Print isn’t going anywhere and digital has joined the marketing mix

No matter what the economic climate, business owners need to get themselves on display and in demand. Traditional print will always be needed to connect on any meaningful level with clients across all demographics.  As people become more educated as to what truly works to promote a message or a brand, the myth that “print is dead” becomes less of a distraction and the truth that the need for print today is stronger than ever.  If any change has happened, it is in the rise of evolved use of print that takes advantage and compliments digital marketing campaigns.  Together, they are unstoppable.

Wendy Krause, owner of Minuteman Press in Silverton, South Africa, through her life’s work, illustrates the continued worldwide need for marketing services franchises that incorporate advances in digital technology while intelligently maintaining print marketing services. Wendy has the full support of the number-one rated digital print, design and marketing franchisor, Minuteman Press International, as she gives her clients the advantage they need to promote themselves over the competition.

Wendy says, “Print thrives today because it is EVERYWHERE. Print is beyond paper and extends to labels, packaging, clothing and corporate gifts.  With the general concern of your carbon footprint it is vital to understand that print is an energy use “once-off”. Digital documents use energy every time you read them. Print keeps up with technology and continues to evolve all the time. Print has been proved by research to be the most effective tool in reaching mass markets.”

Direct mail, for example, is a tool that continues to produce results and clients are learning that visiting a print franchise to assist with the design and production of just the right piece is more effective. With direct mail as a first step, an exciting fuse is lit that leads to booms in response from the mailings onto the digital channels to which they point. QR codes customized to your brands colors and patterns and near-field communications (NFC) are examples of ways print helps increase online traffic.

Variable data printing isn’t necessarily new, but it is a welcome tool for clients who wish to promote themselves by taking advantage of cost-lowering advancements in digital print technology.  It allows people to customize printed pieces by actually varying particular elements among individual pieces, adding a personalized touch often lacking when people take shortcuts away from professional marketing assistance.  The power of such highly personalized care through printing continues to prove itself in the form of measurable results. It is a key reason why delivering messages through traditional print has been, is, and always will be needed as long as human beings are the recipients.

Print franchises shine in their possibility for expansion beyond a single location

When you discover the depth and range of what it means to buy a print franchise and engage in the practice of being a marketing services provider, you make yourself essential to your clients. The need for print marketing will never go away and the need for digital marketing is no passing trend.  Today, a print franchise owner can invest with the right corporation and receive training and support enough to become treasured within the communities they serve, so much so that expanding beyond a single location becomes a pleasant reality for many entrepreneurs choosing the path of ink and internet experts, if you will.

An example of a strong franchise with a foundation upon which empires are built is provided by Minuteman Press Regional Vice President in Maryland, Bob Heimbuch. Bob says, “We are fortunate that this is a business that our franchise owners can expand and grow from a single location. Printing franchises today have enormous possibilities for growth.  Sometimes, the owners that expand into multiple locations are doing it to satisfy either a partnership or a family situation. With that said, we also have lots of successful single store owners that support partnerships as well as multiple family members. We have not found a ceiling or cap to how big someone can build a Minuteman Press due to the continual demand of our products and services. As time marches on there will always be another franchise owner that is looking to raise the bar with respect to volume in one location.”

Pitney Bowes took a recent survey and learned that nearly 80% of small businesses believe that their ideal marketing strategy includes a combination of print and digital communication. 

Dennis Beck is the successful digital print, design and marketing franchise owner of Minuteman Press in North Palm Beach, FL, and he knows why he is at the top of his game while others aren’t.  He shares, “A printing franchise will not survive today if all it did was traditional ink on paper.   So, how does a printing franchise survive and thrive? Well, the first thing to recognize is that if you are to thrive you must add NEW SERVICES. These added services will help grow your business and in fact grow your print too. New services include wide format printing, mailing services, added bindery services, signs, print design, web design, selling promotional products, and direct mail advertising for your customers.  There are other services but the point is print is now just a part of the total mix of printing business.”

Dennis acknowledges a shift in demand for the kinds of equipment that help him run his business but is enthused because he knows his franchisor is on top of it all. He continues, “Last month, in Orlando, was the largest Graphics Arts show in America. It took me two days to see the whole show. 25 years ago I went to my first Graphics Arts show in Miami. In Miami, there were press manufacturers from Heidelberg, Manroland, Komori, Sukari, Multigraphics, AB Dick, and KBA; there had to be at least 25 printing presses at that show. In Orlando there was only 1-yes just one printing press from Ryobi.  Now, we have digital presses from Xerox, Konica Minolta and the like as well as wide format presses companies from Hewlett-Packard, Roland etc. Things have changed and the change is accelerating. I believe that Minuteman Press corporate is equipped to handle this change and as a franchisee I will benefit from that.”

Today’s print franchises help B2B clients woo their own clients in waves of fine printed products of all kinds AND make sure to keep it fresh and consistent online.

Dave Walton, Regional Vice President in North Carolina for Minuteman Press International, states, “There are several reasons to consider a printing franchise today.  First and foremost every single business in your community is a potential customer.  An owner does not have to go out and create a need for our products because businesses are using them and ordering them every single day.  Today, print franchises offer such a wide variety of marketing services to the local community, selling everything from traditional stationary to signage, promotional products and even apparel.  This give our owners the opportunity to provide many products to the same customer.  Another attractive feature of our business is the tremendous amount of repeat business.”  Once you produce those first round of winning results, your clients are likely to be hooked.

“We are no longer just printers. We provide multiple services to help our customers grow their businesses.” – Dennis Beck, owner of Minuteman Press in North Palm Beach, FL

Just like when you are writing fresh content to keep your website ranking strongly online or aligning other digital marketing efforts with the robust reliability of print, one solitary mailing does not equal a campaign.  Feeding your target base multiple mailings and testing different approaches in order to flex the full power of the database you’ve compiled is a must.  Blending direct mail into your larger marketing effort allows it to develop strong coaction with your digital marketing, so collect email addresses to reinforce your mailings and cover the online bases.  Your digital endeavor will benefit from QR codes and PURLs printed on your mailers complete with neat offers redeemable online and graphics that are aligned with what is on your website and other media profiles.  In this way, you put yourself in front of your audience in their mailboxes and on their various screens.

Expertise and dedication that help ensure business growth or promotion of a cause is the province of today’s print franchise; and the reason the best ones will thrive and lead entrepreneurs to success well into the future.

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