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Customers vs. Clients: Why Online Only Printers are Not What’s Best for Business Owners

Online only printers certainly have their place, but they cannot match the high levels of quality and personalized customer service that a local Minuteman Press provides. After all, there’s a difference between the person who orders a few business cards online and the entrepreneur who is serious about growing their business.

Like every other marketplace over the past two decades, the print industry has been introduced to online only companies that have become formidable thanks to slick advertising and the premise that a do-it-yourself model is what customers might want. This type of approach may seem appealing at first, but the reality is that the tenuous relationship you have with online printers literally ends at checkout, and there is no help or guidance along the way when you need it. There are no checks and balances other than your own eyes; there is no professional consultation on your design; and more often than not the business card you have produced is part of a cookie-cutter template that lacks brand identity and leaves a lot to be desired.

Ultimately, while online printers like Vistaprint may get a one-time customer who needs a stack of cheap business cards, the real end game for any printing business should be to build long-term relationships and secure repeat clients. With a business services provider like Minuteman Press that has established a robust online and local presence, business owners who find us on the web or see us in person are able to enjoy the benefits of both. We pride ourselves on flexibility, and it all starts with the question that online only printers cannot ask, “How can we help YOU today?”

Minuteman Press vs. Online Printers – Different Customers with Different Needs

Online only printers tend to attract customers who are looking for one or two items to fulfill only the most basic needs without any help or guidance. The do-it-yourself, pick-from-a-template model might work for some people, and there is certainly a place for that. However, there is also a customer service component that is lacking from online only printers, so customers who use them not only sacrifice uniqueness and individuality, but they also risk not being able to have an order carefully reviewed, refunded or replaced if something goes wrong.

Meanwhile, Minuteman Press clients are generally business professionals and leaders of organizations who are looking for help in standing out above their competition and growing their businesses. “Online providers are ideal for individuals looking for cheap business cards, but Minuteman Press offers tremendous advantages for companies looking for someone to help them build and promote their business – to establish brand identity,” says Dan Byers, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for Southern California. He adds, “Our combination of local market knowledge and custom quality products eliminates guesswork and saves money while ensuring our clients’ marketing pieces make a great first impression, a necessary step in creating strong brand awareness.”

Custom Solutions + Customer Service = Win-Win Combination for Minuteman Press Clients

Matt Peretz, Minuteman Press International Vice President, further explains the differences between online only printers and full-service centers like Minuteman Press design, print and marketing franchises: “The ideal customer for Minuteman Press is different than the ideal customer for an online only printer model. Online only printers are a good fit for clients who are not picky with product options, have time to spend on researching different products and are happy to settle on a design that many other businesses may already be using.  Brick and mortar printing centers with an online presence like Minuteman Press offer competitive prices, plus our friendly graphic designers act as guides through your project however you prefer: in person, online, or on the phone. Whether it’s a simple business card order or an entire branding update, we ensure your project ends up materializing the way you imagined. Custom is the key working with your local Minuteman Press franchise, and your project will be one of a kind. Your time as a business owner is better spent working on your business. Avoid spending your time designing your print project on an online template.”

Ultimately, online only printers have their place for individuals that are looking for one or two do-it-yourself items chosen from cookie-cutter templates without much consulting or guidance. When it is time to get serious about growing your business and you are looking to build a long-term relationship with an experienced and friendly business services provider that has helped other businesses grow, your local Minuteman Press will be there for you, every step of the way.

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