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Minuteman Press Printing Franchise Tips: Sincerity Blends with the Ink on REAL Greeting Cards, Signed by Your Own Hand

Sending messages online might be convenient, but most of us know that too much heart and meaning is lost when you quickly press “Enter”

There is an intimate space that we create by sitting down and putting a pen to a card we selected to send to express joy over the birth of a baby, celebration over a birthday or sympathy over a loss. Our sincerity travels through the mail, stamped with the time we spent and maybe even tears of joy or sorrow that hit the cards before we sealed them.

To those decrying the inefficiency of real greeting cards as compared to social media or email, take a moment and remember that expressions of our hearts though printed and hand-written keepsakes were never created to show off our time management skills.  They are received as little works of art, designed to represent the personal flavor of the sender and to brighten or bring comfort into the day of the receiver.  It isn’t efficient to adorn our homes with holiday decorations either and a centerpiece of those decorations are the cards we open from family and friends, that transform our white walls into sacred spaces of love and the true spirit of the season.

As convenient as email and Facebook may be, as easy as it is to type “Happy b-day, dude” on your best friend’s wall, you simply cannot enjoy your life by simplifying it into a series of efficiencies.

Greeting cards, for any occasion…or none at all, are appreciated exactly for the reason naysayers claim they are walking the plank to make room for quick digital formats.  They rise up above the noise of increasingly sterile, typed, emoji-laden cards.  They are a welcome reprieve from the well-intentioned but inescapably impersonal, digitally saturated crowd of common wishes in our inboxes and those left “hit –n- run” style on our social media pages.

When you send unique, customized greeting cards, you become a class act instantly and the message, no matter what it is, is more believable and takes a few moments and a stamp, in all actuality.  You are also giving a gift that is physical and bears your handwriting, something that may just be treasured years from now if life leads you to part with your recipients in the myriad ways that it can.  How many of us still have hand-signed notes on cards sent from our grandmothers or sweethearts? Our society glorifies being busy, so keep taking advantage of that perspective by proving no matter how jammed your schedule might appear on social media, you took the time to think specifically of the people you care about.  Fancy or simple, a custom-printed card signed by your own hand is a real gift that cannot be deleted.

Here are some facts from the Greeting Card Association that confirm our love-affair with printed greeting cards:

  • 9 out of every 10 households buy greeting cards each year
  • 7 billion greeting cards are purchased every year
  • A typical household buys 30 individual greeting cards each year

Personalized greeting cards provide those you care about with something real to “have and to hold”

Jeff Robey, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President in Florida, sees how the clients of his franchisees are welcomed with personalized attention to every event that requires the perfect printed card, from invitations, to holidays, to unique occasions that define the unique relationships we have with family and friends, ones that deserve more than a digital notation.

Jeff says, “The effect of receiving a greeting card from someone who has taken the time to purchase, personalize and then send them will always have a greater effect than something sent digitally.  It gives the receiver something to hold and display, too.”  Minuteman Press franchise complaints are not to be found by satisfied clients reaping the benefits of personalized consultations and the resulting works of art in the form of ink on paper, customized to mark every occasion life has to offer.

The myth that print is dying pops up ironically like so many innocuous digital ads, but it is a misnomer, a lie.  Just look at Valentine’s Day alone and a survey by the National Retail Federation that reveals how 51% of Valentines are going to go beyond chocolates, flowers and jewelry to spend roughly $15 on greeting cards (a national total of $1 billion).  We are united in our desire to receive those cards, printed just for us for extra credit in the adoration aisle, so we can prop them up on our kitchen tables with the flowers or on our desks for all to see. The card you select, is ideally custom printed to take advantage of the continual appreciation of the TLC apparent through sending an ink on paper card over an online “quickie”.  In this way, your custom printed card becomes part of your gift with one-of-a kind designs that will feel like treasures to be kept forever, which is not a bad mood to set on Valentine’s Day or any special occasion for that matter.

Make your personal relationships and your business relationships strong with the time-honored tradition of sending beautifully printed cards

“Personalized greeting cards for all occasions demonstrate a level of class and care that digital greetings NEVER will be able to replicate,” says Chris Jutt, Pacific Northwest Regional Vice President for the modern printing industry, Minuteman Press International.  “There are some things that will endure in spite of technology and ink on paper is one of those things, especially when you want to rise above the crowd.  When we get cards that have a humorous or touching note from someone we care about, we are not likely to part with it and we are more inclined to experience the sincerity intended by the sender.”

Chris acknowledges the vitality that print puts into a modern, integrated marketing effort for those promoting businesses and traditional greeting cards are a big part of the formula.  He continues, “On a professional note, one of the reasons Minuteman Press franchises are so valued as a marketing services provider is through our ability to help clients balance digital means for promoting their businesses with traditionally printed means such as greeting cards. They are designed to the tastes of target audiences to mark special occasions from birthdays to the holidays (and more) with special touches like foil stamping and typographic flourishes, for example.   Business owners can walk in to one of our locations with a general sense of what they need to say to their clients and walk out with just the right product and strategies specific to growing their businesses. A big part of that is custom-printed greeting cards designed to stay connected in a way distinct from (yet also in conjunction with) a digital marketing effort.  Our owners help bring these special things to life and it all starts with a personal consultation.”

Before you hit enter to mark a special occasion, consider the value of your message

The need to share feelings to mark occasions or further connections is an innate trait of humanity and in our personal lives and in the running of our businesses through the year, chances to engage that need dot themselves all over the calendar.  The most successful relationships in our lives and the most successful businesses will be the ones that take the calendar and make each special occasion as personal as possible from one’s own mother, to one’s most loyal clients.  Creating specially designed and printed greeting cards with the assistance of a professional will help you to maintain a degree of continuity in terms of respect and sincerity, two virtues that will never go out of fashion in favor of the efficiency of hitting “Enter”.

Linda Intihar is CFO for Minuteman Press in Chantilly, Virginia while her son, Jim is the franchise owner.  Mother, son and their team run their digital print, design and marketing franchise with the expertise and dedication consistent with the individual needs of each client they serve.  As integrated marketing practices are an established specialty offered by Minuteman Press franchises worldwide, so too is the ability to recognize the irreplaceable charm and practical results generated from feeding a person’s need to give and receive special works of art, printed with care and unique style.  As Linda emphasizes, “When you care enough to send the very best, nothing can replace greeting cards that are PRINTED and signed by you!  Digital forms of greeting cards lack personalization and excitement!  The recipient will never be able to hang it on a wall or display it on a piece of furniture…That’s no fun!!  If you want to send a sincere message with great staying power chose PRINT-Ink on a card!”

Simplifying life is a popular theme in today’s busy, on-the-go society where it could be argued that too much glory is assigned to our “busy”ness.  It could be argued that every adult who is thoughtful and wise should maintain a stock of personalized stationery and make certain to mark occasions of the heart and of business with customized, printed greeting cards, signed by their own hands.  It is a tradition that is best passed down to our children as they come up into a world that needs to hold onto rituals that preserve our most precious human traits, ones that bring us together.  No convenience, no digital trend will replace a hand-signed, perfectly printed card, signed by you for life’s special occasions.  On a personal level and in the world of business, when you literally put your message in the hands of those who matter, it cannot “crash” or be deleted.  In fact, it is far more likely to settle in and resonate.

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