Do Not Call It a Comeback! Catalogs Are as Effective as Ever Before in Marketing Your Business

Do Not Call It a Comeback! Catalogs Are as Effective as Ever Before in Marketing Your Business

Catalogs are the perfect catalyst to drive engagement online and generate results. Here are the facts and stats to back it up…

There is one big reason that retailers are taking the time and spending the money to invest in catalog marketing and mailings this holiday shopping season: Catalogs simply work, and 2016 is no exception.

In fact, catalogs have become a huge part of cross media marketing strategies for businessesIntersect Retail reports that brands that use catalogs “see up to 50% of sales generated through catalogs, either directly or through online sales.” This means that catalogs are grabbing the attention of consumers like they always have and also sparking action that can be seen and tracked in-store and online.

According to a report from the Harvard Business Review“multi-channel shopping and buying is on the rise, and retailers know that customers who use more than one of their channels are usually the most valuable.”Retailer Nordstrom also states that their customers who have a multi-channel relationship with their brand “spend four times as much as those who do not.”

Meanwhile, men’s online-only fashion retailer Bonobos conducted a catalog marketing campaign and said that 20% of their first-time customers placed online orders after receiving a printed catalog and also spent 1.5 times more than new shoppers who didn’t receive a catalog first.

Catalogs work for marketers because they have definitive mail dates and are easier to track than digital and broadcast campaigns. A targeted approach to catalog mailings has also become favorable to businesses because of how much information is out there on millions of households, as well as the huge customer databases that they have collected themselves from previous customers.

Here are three key stats to know about the effectiveness of print catalogs:

  • Approximately 90 million Americans make purchases from catalogs. (Direct Marketing Association)
  • Consumers spend an average of 8.1 minutes reading a catalog and 62% of catalog recipients have made a purchase during the past three months that was influenced by the catalog (PrintComm/Marketing Impact)

“One is the worst number in marketing.”

Direct marketing expert Dan Kennedy would always say that “one is the worst number in marketing.” It’s important to keep in mind, therefore, that direct mail takes “multiple steps” and “multiple media” to work effectively. When putting together a direct mail program for your business, use postcards, catalogs and other mailers together to drive results. Use a sequence that makes the most sense for your business and your customers, as timing and order can make a huge difference.

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