How to Make Your Brand Burst Out of Obscurity Without Breaking the Bank

How to Make Your Brand Burst Out of Obscurity Without Breaking the Bank

4 things you can do right now to get the brand recognition you deserve…

By Mary Friese, Minuteman Press International

Brands that are well-known and respected have an invaluable magnetic ability to influence our purchasing decisions and you can get a jump on name recognition for your own brand with the right help from marketing specialists who can help you identify your unique selling proposition and how to broadcast it widely.

If you have a product to sell, are you able to look critically at it, much like your target audience will, and see it compared to your competition in a favorable light?  Strong brand recognition is very often the tipping point at which people make critical choices, ones that can be well in your favor if you know how to promote your brand.  From there, it is the quality of your products and services that will endear them to you and breed loyalty, sweet repeat business and vitality through referrals.  If you truly don’t know how to design, print and market your brand into the brains of your target audience, fear not, it’s a specialty area and you, like most entrepreneurs only need a good partner in the B2B services industry.

Without delay, you can do these 4 things to get the brand recognition you deserve:

1. Use vehicle wraps and/or car magnets to increase visibility wherever you go: If you make use of a delivery or a personal vehicle, you can do a sharp looking wrap that will display your professionally designed graphics right on the vehicle. If you don’t have a dedicated vehicle, you can affix magnetic signs on it and still put yourself on display in a similar fashion.

2. Wear company apparel: You and all of your employees can go through your days encouraging brand recognition simply by wearing company-branded apparel. It’s another way to promote your brand, and there are so many options for promotional apparel that these items can be customized to fit any business’ needs.

3. Be active and advertise local: It’s important to advertise locally including taking part in a targeted direct mail campaign and doing other regular mailings as well. Also, join clubs and organizations and be active in them. Go to ribbon-cuttings, charity walks, and sponsor events. You must be an active member of both the business community and the community at large.

4. Give out promotional items that are useful and reinforce your brand: Give brand “swag” away with your logo on it because people will appreciate items that are useful and keep them around. Making use of promotional products to get your name out there is a great way to reinforce your brand and make it resonate with customers.

A well-known brand continually works for you, once you get it into shape

In time, as the name of your business leads the names of your competitors, you will experience new clients flocking to you much like they do with many of their favorite things, based on the name they have come to know through repeated contact.  At that point, your marketing efforts develop a sort of superpower which is the ability to snatch a sale based on the knowledge that the name is backed-up by something really worthwhile.  Your marketing investment, no matter what your budget, will naturally be realizing more value as your increasing local fame starts to work for you on its own power.  In this way, marketing your business and building brand recognition is not unlike lifting weights and becoming delighted to realize how muscle burns more energy than fat, even when you are sitting on the couch watching Seinfeld reruns.  You still need go to the gym to maintain that muscle, but when you’re done working out for the day, your gains are still at work for you.  If you market wisely and gain enough of the right kind of brand recognition, it will continually work for you, too.

Backing up Brand Recognition with Quality is EVERYTHING

Let’s say you find yourself a marketing expert local to you and after a personal consultation, you come up with such great printed and digital representations of your brand that once unleashed, your name takes off and clients are lining up for what you’re serving and what you’re selling.  Fantastic!  Unless, you fail to provide the absolute best of whatever it is they are lining up to get from you.  Your quality of products, services and dedication to personalized customer service mean everything to the investment you are making into your new or updated brand identity.  No quality, no loyalty.  Ultimately, your reputation is in your court and it will either elevate or erode your efforts into establishing your brand.

Here are 2 things to consider while establishing a brand name and making it stick:

1. Nail down your identity:  Do you want to be concise and no-nonsense or appeal with a touch of clever sarcasm?  First, you should know your audience, your potential clients.  Who is going to be inclined to seek your products and services, be happy with them and refer friends back to you?  Don’t answer these questions at home, alone.  Team-up with a design, marketing and digital print expert and once you identify your target client, design a campaign for that individual, specifically.

2. “Just Do It” … Come up with a slogan:  Slogans are fun for everyone and even become beloved elements of popular culture, if they are good enough.  Look at the fun we all had with the “Got Milk?” campaign alone.  Surely you can think of couple of words, or even one word that captures the essence of what you offer within your industry.  There are endless examples of the power of a good slogan and they can evolve over time, if companies are wise to the expanding needs of their industries.

For example, recently, Minuteman Press International, 40 years deep into leading the business to business services industry as a world-respected franchisor, updated their familiar slogan, “For the job you needed yesterday” to something that strikes at the heart of what they are really all about.  Today, all over the Internet and in print, the new slogan, “We Design, Print, and Promote…You!” let’s the world know that local Minuteman Press franchises do exactly that for business owners as modern marketing services providers. Their slogan reflects exactly what they do and their reputation precedes them as the best in their industry across several continents with nearly 1000 active franchises.

Kitty Kurz, owner of Minuteman Press in Hanover, PA, along with her husband, Scott and staff, put into practice all of the advice they give to their clients so brand recognition can take off and soar for them.  Of course, Kitty and Scott have a major advantage as Minuteman Press franchise owners because the brand they represent has become beloved over the course of decades in countless communities all over the world, so their brand was leading the charge when they first opened their business and their marketing efforts were infused with the power of a B2B industry leader.  Kitty talks about how her team proudly promotes their brand in Hanover, sharing, “Scott and I spread brand awareness by wearing apparel bearing our logo whenever possible.  We are working on a budget line item so each of our employees will have an annual “apparel allowance”.  When we market, we always leave behind one of our Minuteman Press small tablets and either one of our pens or logoed sticky pads.  Also, when delivering finished products we again leave behind our pens with which the customer signs the packing slip.  I love going into one of businesses and I see people using our pens.

Here are 2 ways that Minuteman Press franchise owners Kitty and Scott Kurz actively promote and strengthen their brand recognition:

  • Get out into the community: We advertise in as many community sponsored programs as possible. This year we were able to offer a special deal to one of our customers, a local baseball team, the Atlantic League.  We offered a very reduced price for an “exit greeting” that is handed out to every attendee at the end of the game.  The piece is an advertising piece announcing upcoming events.  By the end of the season our brand will have reached at least 70,000 attendees.
  • Direct Mail…Definitely (with follow-up): This year we are making a concerted effort to do more targeted mailings, email blasts and we also take an active role in social media.  We are currently mailing a “special offer” piece every three weeks and an informational piece every 1.5 weeks, with the intent to follow up with phone calls.

Aside from those things, and most importantly, Scott and I strongly feel that we and our staff represent the brand.  As a team we take great pride in our response time and quality of work. Our goal is to always get the job done right the first time and if a mistake does happen we correct it ASAP.   We aim to be fair and make donations when possible and we treat all of our customers with utmost respect.”

Know where to get the right kind of help as you establish your brand with strength

“Through the variety of services and products that our locations are able to provide, and the expertise of being able to not only create a brand identity, but to help the customer promote it thought a variety of avenues including direct mail, promotional and advertising products, signage.  We are a complete marketing service provider,” assures Doug Harlan, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President in Chicago.

If you hope to gain some local fame and draw your target audience towards your business through name recognition, do it with help from experts with a track record for making it happen for successful businesses that have come before you.

Doug continues, “We help clients build their identity though all channels, including targeted direct mail campaigns and intelligently designed websites to name just a few.  Our objective is always to establish brand representation that is consistent both in print and online.  In this way, it is a complete marketing approach.  We are continually helping clients worldwide establish a professional, modern identity.  I see clients come to our owners with a brand identity that is 20, 30 or 40 years old and they are in dire need of help bringing their businesses up to date.  We go forward and help them come up with something current and modern with our designers.  The results are brands that make their mark in a way that is unforgettable.  It is great for the client, gratifying for our franchise owner and I see it regularly.

Our digital print, design and marketing franchises are able to help our clients establish or re-establish brand identity and recognition with the professionals we have in our locations.  It is enormously gratifying to see businesses achieve the level of notoriety needed to grow as a direct result of their partnership with our franchisees.”

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