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Minuteman Press Franchise Review: Finding Your Franchising Fit in a Crowded Field

Minuteman Press Franchise Review: Points to Consider Before Buying a Franchise

If the franchise fits, buy it.  Absolutely.  Why the variation of a common saying applied to entrepreneurship?  Because franchising continues to be a vital part of the economy, providing hundreds of thousands of jobs with an estimated economic output of around 889 billion dollars (IFA Educational Foundation and IHA Economics).  Of more direct benefit to you is the fact that solid franchise opportunities are renowned for providing an edge to entrepreneurs, thanks to the experience and support they provide. And you also get what should be an impressive number of operating franchisees able to guide you from the helms of their own successful businesses when you join their ranks to build your very own entrepreneurial venture.

Add to that the fact that you won’t be opening your doors for business to the sound of silence, thanks to training and on-site support; nor will you be left to shrink at the negotiating table on your own when it comes to negotiating prices with the vendors you will need.  A franchisor that has proven to be a good one will make sure you benefit from their enormously impressive buying power. The lower prices you will get for the products and services you need to run your franchise will be in your back pocket – or, rather, on full-display for your discriminating customers to see.

The reasons for striking out into business ownership are varied (and usually valid) because corporate downsizing and layoffs are to be counted upon as an ongoing reality.  This is part of the reason why many bold white-collar types, many hard-working veterans, increasing numbers of perceptive women and legions of determined free-spirits from all walks of life are examining new and existing franchise opportunities.  If you are among them, you can be assured that franchise scam scenarios are mixed into the options, so a concentrated effort is required to find your ideal franchise fit.

Did you find your “franchise fit”?  4 Expert Executives from Minuteman Press International chime in to help you decide:

Consider what you get for your franchise fee:

Kevin Wittal, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for Toronto, Canada, hails from a franchise corporation that is known worldwide for unrivaled training and support (especially at the local level).  He provides an idea of the kind of introduction to franchising you should expect when you sign your agreement and open the doors of your new business.  Kevin explains, “We help you with the research and demographics of your area, ideal site selection and strategic lease negotiation with the landlord.  From there, you can count on our help with all renovations to your location as well as transportation to and from our New York training school, including all accommodations. Two weeks of corporate training at world headquarters in Farmingdale, New York simply cannot be beat.  A full shop set up of your business when you return to your location is something else you can anticipate for your franchise fee.  And, naturally, access to everything else that we offer as a franchise system to help you off to a great start.”

Consider RUNNING if the quality of training and support is not there!:

Chris Jutt, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for the Pacific Northwest region, cautions against assigning value to franchisors simply because they have been around.  Just because a franchisor has collected years under its belt does not mean that it is on equal par with others who can match longevity with substance.  Chris explains, “In any franchise, you can have a great proven track record, a manual of operations on how to grow the business, plus software and tools to run the business with precision. But the special ingredient, the one that you cannot count upon with many other franchise systems, is the support and ongoing training we provide.  We are there for you during the research phase and only pick up steam in terms of training and support as you progress.  You need to see that level of excellence from your franchisor, or else you may as well open an independent business.

Chris continues by highlighting essential elements offered by industry-leading franchisors such as the one he represents“At Minuteman Press International, we have local ongoing support for the life of your franchise and I promise you, not everyone does that.  On-site training for you and your employees is there for you when needed as well as any software training, marketing, networking training, and so much more. Count upon local regional meetings and worldwide conferences, but most importantly familiar faces working with you on a continuing basis so you can grow your franchise.  Most of you will find this is very unique in franchising.”

Consider the unique lifestyle boost afforded to B2B franchise owners

Jack Panzer, Area Manager for Arizona/Colorado Region for Minuteman Press International, puts it plainly, “Every Owner I have been part of putting into business and personally assisted with their business growth has appreciated the fact that the majority of their clients are open Monday through Friday. Our stores are typically not open on the weekends and therefore, a major lifestyle boost is afforded to our franchisees as opposed to B2C operations. This being the case, another great reason in considering our B2B model is every business out there needs and uses our products and services and the repeat business factor includes short intervals between ordering and frequent re-ordering.”

Consider these 8 critical questions (and know who to ask):

David Walton, Regional Vice President for Minuteman Press International in the Carolinas and Georgia, shares eight questions that can help you find your franchise fit:

1. What type of support will I receive?
2. What is the exit strategy with this business?
3. How quickly can I build the business?
4. How long has the franchise been in business?
5. Is the franchise financially sound?
6. What type of marketing materials are available?
7. Is there a marketing/advertising royalty?
8. What is your training program?

The questions provided by Dave Walton above should be directed to active franchise owners as well as representatives of the franchisor, not necessarily a business broker or a consultant.  A business broker or may know how to sell you a business, but more than likely they have very little knowledge of the business they are selling – and most are not well-versed in the specific needs connected to successful franchise operation. The best policy is to work directly with the franchisor rather than a broker.  After all, you would want the person selling you the franchise to be part of the same entity who will be there for you in critical ways once you are in business.

Pay special attention to franchise opportunities within the business to business services industry

Franchise owners within the B2B industry are delightfully surprised to discover that their clients tend to be more loyal than B2C, with less customer turnover and more repeat business.  The reasons are practical.  If you prove you can help your clients on their quest to become profitable, they will be more likely to allocate a budget for your products and services and make you their “go-to” source for what you are providing towards their professional goals.  Business clients usually come to you knowing what they need. When, and if, you come through for them, they are happy to refer you within their networks.  Also, building relationships within your local business community as a peer and an ally is uniquely satisfying on a personal level.  Doing so fortified by the support granted by an industry-leading franchisor brings the experience to an elevated level with technical, marketing, networking and local experts at your side through the course of your franchise ownership.

Two  current owners offer up their own Minuteman Press franchise reviews and take a look at why B2B was right for them:

Dave Johnson, owner of Minuteman Press in Coral Springs, Florida, purposely pursued business to business franchise opportunities, specifically, because he had the previous experience to convince him it was the best choice among thousands.  His review led him to Minuteman Press International and he was welcomed to tour multiple franchise locations which only solidified Minuteman Press as his ultimate selection.

Dave Johnson goes on to share 2 reasons B2B was his “franchise fit”:

1. We wanted a business that followed normal business hours. It doesn’t mean you won’t put in some long hours, but it definitely gives you flexibility. We did not want a 9 am to 9 pm 7 days per week business.

2. We came from a B2B business background so we were comfortable with that environment and appreciated the benefits.

No matter what your ultimate selection, prepare to roll-up your sleeves for growth

Rita Siprak-Weill, owner of Minuteman Press in Annapolis, Maryland, is gratified to be part of a franchise system that honors its word and commitment to its franchisees.  She is, however, frank about the need as an owner to be determined and aggressive about aligning to the system provided by the franchisor and working hard to bring in and sustain a strong client base.  Those that do are more likely to experience the profit they seek as entrepreneurs.

Rita explains, “The Minuteman Press franchise is a great franchise.  Corporate is there to support you in any way you ask.  What you need to decide is if you are capable of managing the business aspects of running a business (supply management, equipment, taxes, payroll, Quickbooks, costs, benefits, etc.) and whether you are willing (we are all able) to follow the Minuteman Press methodology on growing your business.”

On your quest to become an entrepreneur through franchising, consider the advice of experts and franchise owners who are running successful operations.  Know that your initial review may seem daunting with thousands of franchises from which to choose, but it is worth the great effort.  If you maintain your focus and keep your standards high, the franchise ripoff report scenarios and mismatches will fall away and what will be left standing, lit with possibility, will be your ideal franchise fit.

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