Marketing with All of Your Might Gives Your Franchise the Momentum it Needs

Marketing with All of Your Might Gives Your Franchise the Momentum it Needs

Entrepreneurs are excited to realize franchise failure rates can be influenced positively when they turn up the intensity in the marketing department. Learn how to swing the marketing pendulum in your favor…

You feel a sense of pride upon signing a franchise agreement with a leading franchisor because you have done your due diligence and made sure to find a franchisor whose owners are enthusiastic about the value they have gained from the system and every possible hesitation has been eliminated by your personal franchise review.  You are further comforted by the fact that your franchisor has helped you secure a proper location, financing and has helped you set-up shop all while providing the most relevant and comprehensive training in your industry.  Now, you’re in business with unparalleled support, even down to the local level and a healthy number of comrades in the form of fellow franchisees, who you will meet regularly at conventions to seat you even more firmly at the head of what could be an extremely great entrepreneurial venture.  What’s to stop you from succeeding at this point?  The most immediate answer is the assumption that resting your laurels upon a world-wide respected brand will ride you into a cozy regular growth pattern with a blooming bottom line.  That’s not how award-winning franchises are developed.

“Overall pleasant persistence is the key to building long term customer relationships.  Remember that ‘no’ doesn’t always really mean ‘no’, at least not forever!  Keep going back and you never know, maybe one day something will have changed and you’ll break through.” –Joe Copeland, owner of Minuteman Press in Jacksonville, FL

Joe references his own digital print, design and marketing franchise experience as an example of the need to continually market, in spite of the fact that he is fortunate to have a number-one rated industry leader as his franchisor.  He knows that it is imperative to promote his own business and bring in his own clients, making the development of long-term relationships paramount as his customer base grows. He continues, “In today’s competitive market buyers have many options, including the possibility of printing a job themselves on their own printer or doing nothing at all.  In order to build your business, it is imperative to get out in front of people and let them know how you can help.  One of the great challenges Minuteman Press owners face is not only getting potential customers to become aware of the business, but also communicating the vast array of services (design, print, mail, signs, and promotional products) we have to offer.  If you are not out in front of them, it’s very likely that someone else will be.  By continually working to establish long term relationships, you over time have the possibility of building a strong repeat book of business.”

Ultimately, when your franchisor is well-tested, well-known and fine-tuned, great things can happen for you if you recognize your own hard work as an essential ingredient of success for your own franchise.  As Joe illustrates, in spite of the tremendous amount of local and corporate support he receives, he is the one creating and building upon his own success – and any true leader would have it no other way.

“The beauty of the Minuteman Press system is that it works”, Joe states plainly.  “But there is work to be done and hands down the best way, initially, is to build your business by cold calling.  Going door to door – while somewhat time consuming and grueling – still gets results that beat anything else right off the bat.  If done properly (follow up calls are critical per the Minuteman system), after a one to two year period one can transition more to networking which, if done well, can also generate very powerful results.  When doing cold calls, it’s very important to be open minded and creative in your approach.  For example, many times potential customers will already have a printer and not be interested in talking to another one.  But by explaining some of the other services available (perhaps signs or promotional products), you may hit on something that they don’t currently have covered.  If that happens to be the case, once you’ve made inroads with a sign or promotional product job you can always circle back to take another run at the print business later.”

Just because you do not have to worry about getting the word out about an untested, independently-run new business doesn’t mean you escape having to put more passion into your career than ever before in your life.  Quite the contrary is true if you wish to create a truly remarkable, life-enhancing experience from your carefully selected franchise opportunity.  The happiest franchisors with the most enviable bottom lines, whose limits are seemingly endless as they open additional locations and hang awards all over their lobbies, put themselves in that position by recognizing the first basic precept of franchise ownership, personal accountability.  They know and embrace the fact that the momentum they gained came from taking the spectacular boost an elite franchise opportunity provides and merging in all of their hard-earned experience with a continual dedication to marketing their franchise with both sleeves rolled up.

You invested in a time-tested franchise system, so make the most of it by marketing your business with ALL of your might.

Ron Rubin, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for New England, is gratified to see good people with unstoppable determination enjoy their grand openings and go out to make their marks upon their communities as franchise owners.  He has seen the enormous difference that comes from realizing that promoting yourself and your own franchise through intelligent, consistent networking, smart use of the franchisor’s marketing program and never resting on your laurels under the false assumption that franchises grow on name alone.

Ron shares his thoughts from experience, stating, “It’s simple. You need to follow whatever the franchisor’s marketing program is and you have to pour your energy into that program. The business model has been proven over time and that is why you are investing money in a franchise, so you can use it. You are buying a proven business model.  You also want a franchisor that has 40 years vs. 2 years of experience.  SEO/SEM programs are an example of something that we offer at Minuteman Press International for our franchise owners and it works.  Our marketing department is constantly researching ways to help our owners market their franchises.  Marketing methods change over time and it’s important to understand that as fantastic a partner as your franchisor may be, providing the best training and support down to the local level, you will not flourish if you do not put in the effort to market your franchise continually.”

You are not alone in marketing.  The best franchisors provide national (and international) marketing campaigns to the great benefit of all of their franchisees

A big part of the reason why you invested in a franchise is because of the punch a well-respected brand name delivers and how it positively boosts your own business forward right from the beginning.  These broad marketing campaigns arm you with the highest-quality marketing collateral and a continual voice for the brand that can serve to infuse your own efforts with even more power – and they are funded by your franchise fees.  Campaigns such as these are financially out-of-reach for most business owners and they help to protect and drive forward the brand’s consistency and reputation, which is a win both for franchisors and their franchisees.

You must market your franchise well in your own “backyard” for real results

As a franchisee, making your presence known on a local level means a whole lot to your bottom line because it is within your community that your business needs to take root and grow.  On the shoulders of your trustworthy franchisor, you can get ahead of your local competition if you combine forces with your franchisor as the best ones are dedicated to continually updating offerings to stay forever relevant.

Not all franchisors provide the kind of support in areas such as marketing enough to help satisfy their owners’ needs, but the very best provide local support and representatives are well-versed in the wants and needs of the community.  This is an additional gift to you in the sense that your local representatives are able and more than happy to help you weave yourself into the local business community as an invaluable mainstay.  For that reason, logic dictates that becoming a successful franchise owner means allocating a reasonable portion of your budget (and a great deal of hard work) on local marketing with your message tailored perfectly to your region.  Considering things such as culture and demographics and with the help of your local franchise representative, you could identify how the dynamics of your products and services fit into the needs of your target audience.  It’s a big job, but it is how the most decorated franchises with the most potential for expansion usually put themselves into a winning position.

Jeff Robey, Regional Vice President for Minuteman Press International in Florida, knows that the difference between success and franchise failure is sometimes as simple as the degree to which individual franchise owners creatively and intensively promote and actively grow their own businesses.  Jeff explains, “Even a franchise requires the owner or owners’ representative to market the business on a consistent basis.  The franchisor will provide the marketing strategies that they have developed over time that works for their business.  It will be up to the ownership to make sure those procedures are carried out.”

Jeff Robey highlights a few ways for a franchise owner in any industry to get ahead with consistent marketing:

  • Direct marketing by visiting local companies and beginning to establish relationships with them continues to work well. Make sure to follow up with phone and email courtesies and a carefully constructed, locally relevant, direct mail campaign.
  • Today, having a strong ranking on a Google search is very effective and will generate inquires.  If your franchisor offers an SEO/SEM program, be certain to use it to your advantage.
  • Getting active in the local community is also very important and will help you to establish relationships that will either use their services or refer people to them. Some traditional ways to do this that are effective include establishing an active presence in business clubs such as Rotary, Chamber of Commerce and BNI. Remember to get your hands dirty working on their various causes so you can build your network more authentically and gain respect.

Jason Hasquin, owner of Minuteman Press in Edwardsville, Illinois, is never at rest when it comes to impressing new clients and tending well to his growing customer base.   He advises on a few ways to market and promote your franchise, offering, “Direct Mail Marketing and digital marketing such as the use of social media all will have impact on building your brand.  For instance, if you have so many people on social media and you stay in front of them with regular, engaging content, they will think of you.  It pays off long term to work hard continually on your own local marketing campaign.”

To initiate growth that matters as a franchise owner and see that your bottom line blooms as loyal customers come to know and stick with you for the long term, take all of the advantages that your franchisor provides and use them to launch your own personal quest to market your franchise with all of your might.  While you cannot control all of the variables included in the formula of big success, the great news is that you command the most important element, the choice to hustle and establish yourself as a trusted staple within your community.  You have the authority to make certain that every ounce of your passion and business intelligence is focused solely on cultivating what could be an award-winning franchise. Let nothing stop you!

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