Direct Mail Trends 2016 – Facts, Figures and Pro Tips

Direct Mail Trends 2016 – Facts, Figures and Pro Tips

See the latest facts and trends on direct mail marketing for 2016…

The Direct Marketing Association has released their 2016 DMA Statistical Fact Book. Take a look inside and readers will see the latest facts and trends for direct mail marketing. Below are some of the key points and trends as it relates to direct mail specifically:

Direct Mail Trends 2016 – Facts, Figures and Pro Tips

Big Business: In 2015, direct mail spending was $46.8 billion, compared to just $2.3 billion for email marketing.

  • Pro Tip from Doug Harlan, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President, Chicago region: “The DMA reports that direct mail has 29 times the response rate of email. That is because direct mail cuts through the clutter, whereas email gets lost in the shuffle and can easily be overlooked or deleted.”

Personalization is Key: Delivering a personalized customer experience was noted as the top priority for marketers for all marketing channels, including direct mail. 60% of marketers said “personalizing the customer experience” should be the primary objective when developing direct marketing campaigns.

  • Pro Tip from Mark Heath, Minuteman Press International Area Manager, United Kingdom Central region: Variable data printing is a cost-effective form of digital printing that enables printers to personalize each piece of direct mail with high efficiency and fast turnaround.”

Higher Quality + Targeted Marketing = Higher Direct Mail Response Rates: Combining personalized, targeted marketing with high quality pieces that are relevant to the recipient usually delivers higher response rates.

  • Pro Tip from Glenn Coyle, Minuteman Press International Area Manager, Perth, Western Australia: “Sending a direct mail postcard that addresses the person by name is way more effective than having each piece say, Dear Friend or Hello Resident. You want the direct mail piece to speak to the customer, not at them.”

Print + Digital Work Better Together: Direct mail and digital marketing should be used to complement each other. 1 in 4 marketers currently list “integrating data across platforms” as a primary objective, with plenty of room for growth in this category.

  • Pro Tip from David Watson, Minuteman Press International Area Manager, United Kingdom North region (Scotland): “Whether in print, online or on display (in person), it is critical to make sure your branding and messaging is consistent across all marketing channels. Cross media marketing – also known as multi-channel marketing – can and should be used together to drive the desired results for your business.”

Here are some examples of effective cross media marketing strategies: 

  • Hashtags: To increase brand awareness, create a hashtag, use it on social media, and print it on your direct mail postcard, flyer or catalog to keep the conversation going with customers. Encouraging active engagement like this will help your business further resonate with your target audience.
  • QR Codes: Have a QR Code added to your direct mail pieces so that customers can easily access your website from their smartphones.
  • Catalogs: Why do e-commerce companies and businesses send print catalogs to customers? Because they work! According to InfoTrends, “62% of consumers who receive catalogs made a purchase within the past three months that was influenced by the catalog.”

 Direct mail is here to stay

At the end of the day, direct mail is a highly effective way for any business to reach new and existing customers. As noted above, the direct mail trends for 2016 point to personalization as the biggest key to delivering results. However, a properly run direct mail program also needs to have several other components that are vital to its success: High quality, professionally printed pieces that are sent in the right sequence; timing that makes sense; strong calls to action; and measurable results. Your local Minuteman Press can help you do it all.

Thanks to our printing capabilities and marketing expertise, every Minuteman Press franchise is able to fulfill the direct mail marketing needs of their clients from concept to completion. We can help business owners create targeted mailing lists based on specific demographics, geo-targeting and customer habits, and we will design and produce high quality postcards, flyers, brochures, catalogs and more for your cost-effective direct mail and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) campaigns.

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