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Minuteman Press Franchise Review: How to Break Free, Be a Real Boss, and Realize Your Potential

Are you ready? Experts share undeniable reasons why you should move beyond inspired ideas and advance into entrepreneurship…

Inspiration is the stuff of art, music, life…and business.  Without it, everything we touch remains flat and grey.  Usually, ideas to become an entrepreneur are borne from an inspired need to create a new reality; whether to be liberated from the monotony present even in a high-paying, white-collar desk job, to carve out a renewed life filled with weekends off, to make a difference in your local community while making money that goes mostly in your own bank account (not to some faceless corporation) – or a combination of any of these.

Ideas to go into business created from such inspiration are rife with hope and projections of a lucrative, brightly-colored and multi-dimensional future.  Yet, without putting action behind our ideas, they are little more than daydreams that might occasionally add a little spark to whatever professional jam we hope to escape.  Ideas worth something should be both inspired AND thrusted forward into action.

“Potential is B.S.” – Roy Titus, Founder, Minuteman Press International

Roy Titus is often called a visionary, but if all he did was envision a worldwide printing industry enterprise, he would have remained a man with a bright idea, trapped by inaction caused by the gratification of his own potential, rather than a quote-worthy business tycoon and an inspiration to thousands of entrepreneurs in his own right.  He put action behind his inspired idea and formed a brilliant team that went on to create the legacy that is the Minuteman Press franchise system.  Roy put his potential into practice and action behind his idea in order to put it to the test and see if it would actually work.  Over time, what he created by opening one printing center on Long Island, NY, started generating measurable results.  In time, he could see what was working well and he continually improved his creation based on how it performed in the business-to-business industry, adding new locations to expand his venture along the way.

Four decades later, the momentum he initiated through his idea into action is maintained by 2nd and even 3rdgenerations of his original team at Minuteman Press International, who boldly and intelligently fine-tune and polish what is the world’s number-one rated, digital print, design and marketing franchise corporation.  One man put his money where his mouth is in the 1970s, creating a strong and stable vehicle into business ownership that continues to rouse smart people  – and they are seizing franchise opportunities all around the world to make something real from their inspired ideas.

Pete Scaglione, Regional Vice President located in Texas for Minuteman Press International, joins his colleagues as expert guides for those with the impetus to become business owners. From there, he and his fellow corporate representatives continually provide stalwart support to all of their franchisees as they drive forward into the daily adventure of building their operations towards greatness.

Pete Scaglione reveals 5 of the best kept secrets of franchising that can be central to making sure your inspired idea is put into gainful action:

1. You don’t have to come up with a plan. The business format is proven, so, in essence, the franchise provides a detailed, step by step, business “blueprint.”

2. The success rate can be arguably higher in a franchise than going into business as an independent owner …if you are prepared to do the work as there is the brand and name recognition.

3. The additional advertising by a group as a franchisee leads to even more valuable awareness for the brand.

4. There is continued support, training and education on the latest trends in the specific industry.

5. Incentives and discounts from mass purchasing from suppliers and venders is a major boost for you. This provides higher operating margins and a competitive advantage over other similar businesses. The expense is shared among a group, not an individual; which tremendously helps control costs to allow you to be more competitive.

Mr. Scaglione confidently states, “With training and guidance, ordinary people who have the desire and work ethic can take on the challenge to own and run a successful business.”

The Challenge of Business Ownership:  Brains, heart and courage required

Look before you leap: If you want to go at entrepreneurship alone, be prepared to assume the risk that your idea may not be as inspired in real life as it was in your head.  It is more of a shot in the dark, but people hit the mark sometimes.  More calculating professionals who intend to shed the discomfort of the corporate workforce with the possibility of being laid off attached, for instance, dive deeply into the investigation of franchise-for-sale options.  There are droves of franchise complaints to comb through and the smart folks start eliminating franchise scam and franchise rip off scenarios with personal investigations that include meeting with key representatives of the franchise corporation and walking into the front doors of active franchise owners.

Maria Medina, owner of Minuteman Press in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, did not take the leap into business ownership without careful consideration, but she knew that she was going to do more than contain her professional potential.  She put action behind her inspired idea and now she is fresh from a fantastic grand opening and enthusiastically growing her customer base…as her potential for leadership has become a reality.  Maria explains, “I think the main way you can ready yourself for business ownership is research and training.  It took us 1 year of extensive research, and expert consulting, to find the right franchise for us. We visited various fairs as well as visited existing franchises in order to make our selection.”

Maria and Aj Medina, Minuteman Press, Fort Lauderdale, Florida. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Maria and Aj Medina, Minuteman Press, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Maria does not sugarcoat the trails of early entrepreneurship and the fact that turning ideas into realities doesn’t come easily and it is necessary to infuse our efforts with our minds, hearts and some courage, too.  She continues with the story of her first month at the helm: “We bought our Minuteman Press on the 1st of September 2014. Our regional representative trained us during that first month on site, which helped greatly. From day one, we had a Minuteman Press International representative there with us and even thought it was hard as with any new business, we had that local support.”

Maria adds, “Business ownership takes hard work, so to say that it was a hard month is an understatement! There were days when I asked myself whether being a business owner was the right path for me. Although it wasn’t all smooth sailing after receiving training from Minuteman Press training center, it definitely got easier because the training was amazing.”

DID YOU KNOW? 94% of U.S. entrepreneurs are happy they turned their inspired ideas into reality through small business ownership, according to a survey by online small business community, Manta.  The satisfaction of putting potential into action extends further as the same survey indicates that they enjoy “happy, fulfilling personal lives.”

Inspiration brings life to our spirits and helps to create our ideas, but most people live and die with unrealized inspiration and lots of potential that is never put into action.  You need to heed the wise words of real leaders, such as Roy Titus and escape the trap of spending years working for someone else because you are being comforted by the concept of your potential and the idea that someday you will break out and own a business of your own.  Potential, like ideas, must erupt into action or it will serve to soothe your entrepreneurial spirit to sleep, instead of bringing it to life.  Don’t let that happen.

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