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Why Do People Buy Franchises? 5 Reasons to Own a Franchise Business

A franchise opportunity is just the right tool for entrepreneurs seeking to dive into a new, more hopeful beginning…

When people open their swimming pools for the season, it is common to be greeted by a green, murky swamp rather than the tempting crystalline oasis we hope to enjoy when the mercury rises.  What do we all do?  Head to the local pool store and buy chemicals or trust experts to play mad scientist with the chemicals and get our “staycations” rolling for us.

In either case, we aren’t focused on the chemicals as they are a means to an end, a tool.  We are focused on getting the inviting blue water we want and feel we deserve.  We are buying a backyard paradise and we know we deserve it!  Similarly, people look to buy franchises because they have reasons to go into business for themselves that they can no longer deny and the right franchise opportunity is the tool they use to obtain a superior professional and personal lifestyle.  It is the lifestyle upgrade that people buy when they buy a franchise and how that is defined varies, but there are some common themes.

“Diving” into the reasons to buy a franchise means assessing your goals, in part, by taking a personal account of your time, your energy, your finances and the needs of your family.  Maybe you have absolutely had it with the commute and the grind associated with working for a corporation; or maybe you are a Veteran ready to charge forward in civilian life as a boss, or a strong woman absolutely done with the limits of the glass ceiling.

Personal exploration sparks action

You could even say that the concept of taking most of your waking hours and putting them on the sacrificial altar of a company that winds up retaining most of the profits resulting from your efforts just burns you and you have had enough of that.  Your own reason could be prompted by an inclination to be your own boss and put into action by a “lightbulb moment” during meditation.  The point is that reasons for buying franchises are varied, personal, connected with finally getting ahead and ultimately, your reasons are your own. It’s what you do with those reasons and the impetus to act that count.

Many people crave the control that, quite naturally, they feel they should have over their own lives, wishing to increase the flexibility of their workweeks with an improved work/life balance.  For those people, an examination of franchise options within the retail or restaurant industries, for instance, would result in the decision to look further as both of those choices typically demand a hefty amount of hours on top of the need to be open and work on weekends, nights and holidays.

Those franchises would not make folks happy who crave flexibility that includes time off on weekends, evenings and holidays.  Further examination, if they are patient and intent on finding the selection that fits their desires, would likely lead them to business to business services industry (B2B) franchise opportunities and they would delve deeper from there, more logically.

Here are 5 strong reasons why people buy franchises:

1. It’s a known, rather than a wild gamble: Before we go any further, pass immediately on fad-driven franchises or “new” franchises and look first to those with great stature within their industries. From there, look at the franchise model and the enormous advantage to be gained simply through buying what has been groomed to be a proven system with an impressive track record.  The “big” gamble has been taken long before you looked at their systems and any worthy franchisor has cultivated a healthy, successful business model and worked to smooth rough edges before going forward to franchising their concept.  Proof of the viability of a franchise system should be readily available through financial data generated by their active franchisees, who should be happy to meet with you and answer any questions personally about their satisfaction with their decision to sign that franchise agreement.  Also, any franchisor worth investigating will have intelligent and knowledgeable representatives wishing to meet with you and help you explore how what they have to offer is a fit…or not.

2. You don’t have to “reinvent the wheel”, but you do get “training wheels” (and support): With no experience riding, why jump on a bike and fall on your face? Ouch.  One of many wise reasons people buy franchises is because, if they select a respected industry leader, they are fortified with a training program that, at the elite level, can literally take you into an industry in which you know very little and provide such comprehensive training and support that you can open a business you otherwise hope to command and with enough work on your part, do very well.  Seek franchisors who provide corporate training of respectable duration with follow-up training on-site and support right down to the local level and expect detailed operations manuals to help you align to the system that has made them famous.

Also, the support from fellow franchisees should be fostered through corporate run conventions and events as this camaraderie is extremely valuable to new and established franchisees alike.  Ultimately, you deserve to learn the most efficient ways to run your franchise for your investment and you need assistance in the form of local representatives who are enthusiastic to help as you navigate growth and build a customer base after your grand opening.  This training and support should commence after you sign your agreement and continue during your entire career as a franchise owner.

3. Fame through brand recognition: The franchise opportunity you select simply must come with a brand name that lights up people’s faces with positive association and easy recognition. When you buy a franchise, you are sidestepping the chore of being a “newbie-nobody”, to coin a term.  Brand recognition and an excellent reputation are two of the most treasured assets of a franchise owner and for very good reasons.  It can take many years and lots of money to develop a solid reputation and a strong customer base.  Buying a franchise that has spread itself across the nation or the world helps you to leap into business ownership as a known commodity. Brilliant, isn’t it?

4. Location matters and you have help finding one: The franchisor worth your investment will be willing to help you secure your location and even help you find your smartest options for financing a franchise. In terms of financing, banks tend to be more at ease helping people finance their franchises because of the proven track record.  The most successful franchisors are typically viewed to be a lower risk than a new, independent business. Also, if you picked wisely, you will have help with the layout and equipment set-up on premises so that your location is as inviting and furnished with brand trimmings to help you sell merely by setting the right scene and tone.

5. The relief of national buying power: People buy franchises and enjoy discounts and other benefits from needed vendors that they would not otherwise be able to afford. Since the franchisor is always looking to negotiate sweet discounts and deals with vendors on behalf of their owners, all franchisees under their wing benefit individually.  Additional gains from franchise ownership as a direct result of the dedication the franchisor invests into you include a variety of established and continually tweaked low-cost resources such as wide-scale advertising (both traditionally printed and online), useful software applications and carefully crafted marketing campaigns to benefit all.

Story of a franchisee

Anne Myers, owner of Minuteman Press in Myrtle Beach, SC, is enjoying the decision she made to buy her own franchise and is grateful that she took the time to find the perfect match for her needs.  She names three top reasons people choose to buy a franchise and points to the reality that some franchisors are simply better investments than others: “Training, support and expertise are the main reasons people buy franchises.  Many come to a particular franchise with no specific experience or knowledge of the general business.  However, every franchise does not provide the same level of support so I encourage you to quantify the support from the franchise you are considering.”

Anne Myers (center), Minuteman Press franchise co-owner, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. http://www.minutemanpressfranchise.com

Anne Myers (center), Minuteman Press franchise co-owner, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Anne was delighted to discover that her franchisor not only met, but exceeded her expectations and the established bond with fellow franchisees remains a lively exchange of knowledge and friendship to this day.  She says, “For us, the Minuteman Press franchise has exceeded our expectations.”

Anne continues, “Initially, we were provided with a two-week training program to understand the basics about the business.  Once we had acquired an existing franchise and were operating the business, they were on-site for the coming weeks, providing day-to-day support for the many questions we had about quoting, suppliers, and a wealth of other issues they helped us address.  Three years later, I still call on the Minuteman Press International team regularly for support – about potential acquisitions, new equipment considerations, setting goals for the coming year and employee issues.  The bi-annual convention exposes us what other owners have seen to be successful, new equipment, and more effective marketing ideas.”

Take advantage of a proven system

Richard Hornberger is Philadelphia Regional Vice President for Minuteman Press International, the number-one rated digital print, design and marketing franchise and B2B industry leader.  He, along with his colleagues, have helped countless people uncover exactly why and how to buy the right franchise for their particular needs.  He has had many different encounters with dynamic entrepreneurs and there many reasons people the workforce on the quest to become business owners. Yet, Rich knows there is a core motivation for the monumental professional shift that sparks people to buy their franchises.

Rich explains, “The most obvious reason to buy a franchise is, simply, to take advantage of a proven system.  There is no need to blaze your own trail, to find the paths to success as that hard work has already been done.  The branding, the systems and procedures are already in place.  This allows the franchisee to concentrate their efforts in the most important area…growing their business.”

So why do people buy franchises?  For the same reason they buy tools to accomplish any number of objectives that require, ideally, more than one’s own bare hands.  For a great many hard-working entrepreneurs, franchise ownership has proven to be just the right tool for the job of shedding the unpredictability of the job market, freedom from the threat of corporate layoffs and the chance to take command of a healthier, more exciting future.  While the reasons people choose to become franchise owners are personal and varied, the objective to upgrade the quality of their lives is shared.

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