Direct Mail Makes Business Happen

Direct Mail Makes Business Happen

Direct mail works! Get your message printed and into their mailboxes for maximum results…

We could conduct the business of our lives almost entirely on line these days.  We can catch up with friends, make new ones, and browse the world, if we wish…all on a little screen.  We have had enough time to engage in a romance with digital and guess what?  It falls short on its own because we can’t touch it and it can’t touch us.

For all the good that digital brings by expanding the world’s ability to communicate with speed, where circuitry falls short is in its absolute contrast to personal, touchable connections, if you will. What we crave as human beings, it simply cannot provide. Email is an example of one of the ways we can zoom words over the internet for convenience, but it will never replace the need we have to take a thoughtfully designed and printed, personalized message into our homes and hold it in our hands where we can read it and let it settle in.

We, as entrepreneurs, have a duality of need to address today because we know we need to use the most persuasive and impressive channel (hint: print), but we realize that our energy needs to go into the medium that potential clients spend the most time using – which requires attention to digital devices.  What’s exciting is the fact that the best of both worlds is regularly crafted into ideal integrated marketing campaigns by B2B industry experts all-too-willing to help.

Frequently, a combination of media will effectively blanket the area of our target audiences.  A common mistake today is when marketers forget that thoughtfully designed and professionally produced printed advertising, including direct mail, absolutely will drive digital activity to greater heights. That is because our real connections reside in things we can see and touch; and in business, direct mail is making that happen.

“Direct mail is an important tool in a marketing toolbox, a toolbox that should be varied and represent your business across multiple channels.   It all has to do with the value you put into your campaign and how well you target it.  It gives you the ability to reach the market you are looking for.” – Ron Rubin, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President in New England on the efficacy of direct mail

So it works.  Direct Mail does make business happen and it does so by tying right into the basic need we all have to get hands-on with things that matter, to sink our minds into a message with something printed just for us.

Approaches that marketing specialists can use such as variable data printing can make us feel special because we can use that technology to make a campaign feel oh-so-very-personal and that sells in a way that email simply cannot replicate.  Still, while we all think we are such dynamic individuals that merely introducing ourselves with a crisply designed postcard will send people running towards us to learn more about our businesses, a bit more is needed to do the trick.

This is why we have marketing specialists within the business to business services industry to advise us, so not only can we isolate the most targeted mailing list, but we can also devise some kind of offer, a clear call to action as the centerpiece to our gorgeous printed representation.  People are busy and they won’t take the time to try to figure out what your value is to them.  You have to serve it up just the right way in order to reel them in.

Close to 80% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately as compared to just 45% who indicate they deal with email right away, according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

With the help of digital print, design and marketing experts such as George Sagadencky, it is possible to combine several relevant criteria in order to produce just the right list, with the added bonus of reducing the size of the prospect list.  Partnering with a B2B professional who can help you do this makes your campaign less expensive and helps to improve your response rates.  Isolating your audience and providing them with a compelling offer or a clear call to action is the combination that can give you the sweet kind of response that only direct mail can deliver.  In fact, DMA says that about 20% of the success of your direct mail campaign rests on the quality of the offer you make to your audience, so as the saying goes, “don’t try this at home” – marketing experts are incredible allies and you need them!

Here are 3 reasons how direct mail makes business happen:

1. People want it! We talk about brands and businesses all the time because that’s the technical nature of what we do, but in reality we need to connect with people and people are still moved to act by direct mail in spite of their bulging inboxes – and in many cases because of it.

 The DMA is one source of evidence to support this as in a recent study they revealed that the response rate for direct mail is 3.4% which is nearly 29 times the 0.12% response rate provided by email. 

 Whoa. Think about why there is such a disparity.  Folks need to physically scoop up mail with their bare hands and look at it before deciding to keep or trash.  That initial interaction increases the chances your piece will be kept, starting with a basic premise of human nature – a resistance to the idea that we will miss out on something good.  Up your odds by getting advice about an envelope design that begs to be opened.

2. You need to focus on your TARGET in order to hit it: Don’t stop with a basic, run-of-the mill mailing list with names and addresses and a brief reference to order histories. Why use a shotgun approach when you can team up with a marketing specialist who can hand you a more precision tool to hit your target, a tightened mailing list that provides you with marital status, ages, specific geographic areas and personal preferences of certain kinds that may relate to the goal of your message. With the right help, your direct mail campaign infused with a message so personal that your audience feels your investment in them and that absolutely translates to increased response rates.

3. Everybody has had it with digital noise and SPAM! Thank goodness for the trash bin and the spam folder and yet most of us agree that in spite of how full they get, there is simply TOO MUCH email and too many pop-up and banner ads. By the time we start searching for something these things start popping up and we hit X.  It is all too easy for your message to get spun in the chaos of the internet these days in a stand-alone digital marketing campaign.

However, if you realize the advantage of meeting with a design team and crafting a targeted direct mail campaign, you have a 2015 fact from DMA that stands true: The number of actual mail pieces that households receive during the week has decreased from just under 25 in 2008 to a tad over 19 these days. 

 With less clutter, guess who will stand out with their outstanding printed piece?  YOU!

Maria Medina, owner of Minuteman Press in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, dedicates herself to bringing clients’ best interests to the forefront of their marketing efforts and she knows that direct mail is a big part of it all.  She reflects on her own experience as a business to business industry franchise owner and how direct mail, coupled with the well-respected Minuteman Press brand has helped to nestle her products and services into the minds of the people in her community, making her a logical first-choice.

In Maria’s own words: “Awareness! Our direct mailing campaigns help us get recognized. We have a campaign we are working on right now which we send to our local business community. We send one postcard a month with a different offer. It allows us to stay at the top of the customer’s mind and tell them a little bit more about ourselves every month. We did an offer on ‘Mailers’ for March, an offer on ‘Design Services’ for April and we’re doing an offer on ‘Banners & Signs’ for May. In three months we have reminded our local business community that we are here, and we made sure to tell them about three different services we offer.”

The familiarity that a properly executed direct mail campaign generates is a real boost when it comes time to meet potential clients in person for the first time.  Maria shares more, “It also helps when we go out marketing door to door. I’ve walked into various businesses where they have recognized me, either by my name or by Minuteman Press, because they received a postcard that month. Getting recognized helps to get the conversation started and makes it a little bit easier to talk to the local business community. We all know how daunting door-to-door sales can be sometimes, and direct mail certainly helps take some pressure off!”

Direct mail campaigns, done well, continue to make business happen by serving people with exactly what they need to hear from you in a resounding and impactful way.  Don’t expect digital, alone, to deliver the same results.

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