Meet the staff of Minuteman Press in El Cajon, CA. Pictured from left to right: Julian Rosado, Sr. (owner), Beth Hutchins, and Julian Rosado, Jr.

From Restaurant Biz to Printing Entrepreneur: How Did Minuteman Press Franchisee Julian Rosado Do It?

In the restaurant business, late nights, long weekends, and holiday shifts are non-negotiable. For Julian Rosado, there had to be a better way to earn a living in Southern California. He found it with Minuteman Press.

EL CAJON, Calif. – Ask Minuteman Press franchise owner Julian Rosado about what it was like to work in the restaurant industry and his answer echoes millions of others who work relentlessly at all hours of the night, including weekends. Julian, who owned the local Mexican restaurant in Escondido called Hacienda de Vega, says, “To log that many hours on that many nights, it just became something I didn’t want to do anymore.”

As a restaurant owner for 11 years, Julian Rosado was actually a long-time Minuteman Press customer before he decided to own his own franchise. “I enjoyed visiting the Minuteman Press center, and the owners Roy and Sue were always so relaxed and accommodating. The fact that they could work normal business hours Monday through Friday and do well without the stress of being overworked made me jealous… I knew I needed a change.”

Tired of working during other people’s leisure time

Monday through Friday business hours also appealed to Julian, who was working the typical life of someone knee deep in the food industry. He comments, “The schedule I was keeping was simply unsustainable. Not only was I tired, but I was tired of working during other people’s leisure time.”

“We are proud to help great people like Julian Rosado go into business for himself as an entrepreneur,” says Dan Byers, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President for Southern California. He adds, “With Julian coming from the restaurant industry, he knows that our ability to offer him full training and local support was just as important as his desire to run his own business. We have these programs in place for people like Julian, and we are happy to support him every step of the way.”

Easy Transition from Restaurant Industry to Printing

Because the Minuteman Press franchise is designed to accommodate people from all walks of life with a wide variety of professional backgrounds, the transition from restaurant life to the printing industry was easy for Julian Rosado. He explains, “Minuteman Press gave me everything I needed to make the transition as easy as possible: Training, setup, and ongoing support whenever I need it.”

The change to his schedule was a welcome respite from his previous endeavor, as are the types of products Minuteman Press sells. “In the restaurant industry, you are working with perishable items that last but a moment,” says Rosado. “The inventory with print is much easier to manage and I love working with something non-perishable that our clients will use over and over.”

Julian concludes, “Just like everyone needs food, anyone can be a potential Minuteman Press client because everyone needs print.”

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