Beyond The Logo: 3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business with Branded Products

Beyond The Logo: 3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business with Branded Products

At the core of every business is a fascinating story that is well worth telling. However, before you get a chance to share your personal journey and professional expertise with potential customers, it is imperative to make your existence known and, sometimes even more important, make your presence felt in the surrounding community you serve.

After all, a little bit of goodwill goes a long way when it comes to bringing eyes to your brand and making people look beyond the logo to get to the heart of what truly matters: Your ability to help them, and their willingness to join you as a new customer or business partner.

This is where the value of branded promotional products comes into play.  By using promotional items in the right context for your business, you can simultaneously raise brand awareness while also making crucial inroads in the community where your customers live and reside.

Here are 3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business Using Branded Promotional Products:

1. The branded pen Is mightier than the advertisement: When it comes to marketing your brand, it doesn’t get any easier than this. No matter who comes into your office or whenever you attend any kind of trade show or convention, having a promotional pen with your company name, logo and contact information is a tried and tested way to make sure those attendees are reminded of their interaction with you whenever they need to jot something down.

According to TechZulu, promotional pens make an amazingly cost-effective impression on customers averaging 12 cents per impression, handily beating newspaper, TV and radio and social media ads. Moreover, at least 50 percent of U.S. consumers use promotional pens, pencils or hi-liters, making them one of the most valuable sets of promotional products available.

2. Sponsor a youth team in your area with branded uniforms: Youth sports statistics show that a whopping 35 million children age 5-18 play organized sports each year. Another interesting note from these latest findings for Statistics Brain is that 73% of corporate executives played sports in their early years, making the sponsoring of a youth team in your area a huge promotional opportunity that often gets overlooked.

By providing branded uniforms to a local youth sports team, you can raise awareness of your products and services in the community and instantly garner interest in your business from the parents and coaches of the kids you are sponsoring. You can also try to organize a special crossover promotion with the affiliated team or league that helps them while also driving up your business. For example, you can say that during the season, a small percentage of proceeds will be donated to league fees whenever a team member (or parent) does business with you. By giving back in this way and also promoting your brand on their uniforms, the appeal in your business will undoubtedly grow in your local community as a result of this type of arrangement.

3. Keep your brand in the minds & computers of customers with USB memory sticks: Not every person you come across will remember who you are and how your business can help them. Thankfully, there are innovative promotional products available such as branded USB memory sticks that can serve as both a traditional and virtual business card. Simply imprint the USB stick with your company logo and contact information the same way you would a promotional pen, then preload the stick with more information on your company that the customer can access once they plug it into his or her computer. This is the perfect promotional item to help you stand out to a tech-savvy consumer while also providing quick and easy access to any electronic files or flyers you’d like to share.

Whether your business is just starting out or you are an established veteran in your industry, promotional products are a valuable way to grow your brand and branch out into new arenas. From the click of a promotional pen and the loading of a branded USB stick to the crack of the bat from a youth team member who is proudly wearing your colors, these are just three of the many ways you can look beyond the logo to promote your business.

And, by garnering the right kind of attention, you’ll find yourself with an engaged and invested audience who wants to hear the story that you were born to tell all along.

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