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Minuteman Press Franchise Review: Six Ways to Set Up a Sizzling Online Presence for Your Brand

How do you draw a digital crowd? Marketing experts chime in with these key tips to increase brand awareness and drive up interest in your business…

Your brand needs to make an indelible online presence because, done well, it translates directly to the kind of recognition you need to generate a following and collect the right clients so your business can take off and grow.  In this day and age, your digital presentation may very well be the first to greet customers you hope to impress, so launch your brand online with style and strategy.

In a perfect scenario, you can meet all your clients face-to-face, charm them with stellar interpersonal skills and win them over with professionally designed and printed promotional items and business cards.  Yet, in the 21st century, you can consider your target audience to be fluent enough in technology that many of them will scope your business out online as a way to determine your credibility in your industry.

People will develop opinions about your brand based on how it presents online and you won’t be over their shoulders to redirect them if they are getting the wrong impression.  For this reason, your online presence and how it is unleashed is becoming increasingly important, along with more of the traditional, trustworthy forms of establishing brand recognition such as printed collateral and networking events.

“Go with the pros” for digital marketing strategy development

Oh, but it is a very competitive world we live in and the lightning speed at which businesses bustle online means that the only way to succeed online is to be approachable, genuine, and incredibly recognizable; in this way, you can rise up and above your competitors with the least amount of stress.  Most new entrepreneurs would be wise to secure professional assistance in this and other areas of branding from leading marketing specialists within the business to business services industry. The reason is because having an experienced partner with the technical know-how and a finger on the pulse of your audience (via analytics) will give you the greatest chance to burst onto the digital scene with the greatest impact.  Creating an environment of high-visibility for your brand boosts your precious credibility and your potential clients will be drawn to your products and services.

Check out these 6 practical ways you can steal the show on the digital marketing stage:

1. Present your brand with consistency: This is how specialists from, let’s say, a marketing franchise can offer a real advantage because sharing your vision and goals during consultation often adds dimension to your brand that can be realized in your marketing strategy. It is absolutely that, over time, people encounter your brand repeatedly and with a consistent theme that carries over all marketing channels.  Doing it this way will create brand recognition and that is how the magic happens.  Merge a professional design printed campaign with an online campaign that spans social networks, your website, professional forums and more and your online presence will be greatly enhanced.

2. Speaking of social media…it is an inexpensive and potent way to promote your brand and businesses small and large take advantage of it if they are smart. As you find your voice, it will generate brand loyalty, recognition and in this way can make you more money with the traffic it reels in for you. Also, by using social media to your advantage you effectively eliminate restrictions and allows you to reach audiences everywhere.  Keep track of your followers and monitor all interactions so you can have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.  Google provides tools for such analytics so you can keep on top of site traffic and more.

3. SEO (search engine optimization) pays off: There is little point in building a website if no one can find you. Get some advice from SEO experts and appreciate that maintaining your site and maximizing its traffic is one of your most important needs for setting and maintaining an excellent online presence.  Optimizing your website for the greatest possible ranking on search engines needs to be high on your list of priorities so you can have the best visibility for your brand and the most traffic to your site.

4. Killer content is a must: Getting and keeping people excited about your brand means having some fun while developing and publishing the kind of content that people want to read and share. Get back to the roots of your entrepreneurship for this one and tap into your excitement for your business.  If you’re excited, it will spark engagement.

5. Everyone loves pictures: Greater than links or updates is frequently a photo that tells a story about your business and makes people want to click further. Use captions and filters and again, have some fun, but keep your LinkedIn profile photograph looking sharp and professional.

6. Get on Google News: If you distribute press releases, you will find that it is a cheap and explosive way to pick-up immediate visibility and develop brand recognition. You may even find yourself landing on the Google News page and your company can only make gains from that kind of coverage!

Jeff Robey, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President in Florida, advises using your digital presence as yet another opportunity to reinforce your brand message.  He suggests two key ways to build your brand awareness using a digital marketing strategy that will complement your vital printed marketing strategy, so the two can work in conjunction and provide broad coverage for you.

Here are 2 bonus tips from Jeff Robey that will bring added dimension to your brand identity online:

  • Build your brand with blogging: It can actually be an enjoyable thing to enhance your brand visibility by creating informative and conversation-starting content for your target audience.  By doing so, you can have a great impact on your search engine rank and establish greater credibility while increasing the audience you reach.  Plus, blogging encourages engagement with people and helps to further relationships that will help to improve your chances of success.
  • Lights, Camera, Action! Publishing videos that people will want to watch is something that businesses of all sizes across many industries can use as a strong way to promote brands – and you can too! There are many venues one can use for video marketing such as YouTube and Vimeo, plus the integration of embedded videos right into social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are increasingly popular. Putting short form, branded videos to work for you will help place your brand center stage in front of your target audience and can also drive traffic to your website.

The impact of your online brand presence needs to be consistent enough to cultivate recognition and flexible enough to adapt as your business grows and demands change.  Remember to use your own voice and with the guidance of a marketing specialist, avoid becoming a duplication of what is already out there in the market.  Be true to your brand.  Be authentic.  If you are in touch with what your brand offers and believe in it, you will be able to validate this belief in all of your communications.  In this way, your credibility will be highlighted for your potential clients and they will have little reason to search further.

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