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Minuteman Press Franchise Business in Newburyport, MA Makes Way for Second Generation

After 30 years in business, Sumner and Dottie Misenheimer are beginning to ease into retirement. They are passing along their Minuteman Press business in Newburyport, Massachusetts to their daughter Nikki, which is the final phase a long range transition plan that began over 10 years ago.

NEWBURYPORT, Mass.–With over 30 years in business and still thriving, Minuteman Press franchise owners Sumner and Dottie Misenheimer are proud of all they accomplished. Thanks to a loyal customer base that continues to grow, Sumner and Dottie are now approaching the early stages of retirement with the benefits of knowing that their business is strong. They also know that the business is in good hands, since Sumner and Dottie plan to pass along their business along to their daughter Nikki, who has been a part of the staff for 12 years.

As Sumner and Dottie Misenheimer begin to make this transition, Sumner says he is proud that all of the right pieces are in place that will keep the business running smoothly: “Although retirement is coming, we will still be actively involved with the business to whatever degree is wanted. Passing on a very healthy, well run business has been the long range plan that started nearly 10 years ago. Nikki has been in training ever since.”

Sumner also credits the Minuteman Press franchise system for giving him extra peace of mind: “Transitioning the business means continuing the success without re-inventing the wheel. As a very active SCORE (Service Core of Retired Executives) volunteer I have witnessed several second generation failures, almost all due to a loss of direction of the core business. The Minuteman Press business model has always been solid with intense focus on the client above all else. We are sure Nikki will continue to follow our success story and begin one of her own as well. We sleep very well at night knowing the future is secure and Minuteman Press International will still be playing a pivotal role for her as the company did for us.”

“I am very proud of the Misenheimer family for the job they have done in servicing Newburyport and the surrounding communities,” said Ron Rubin, Minuteman Press Regional Vice President for New England. Rubin added, “They have followed the Minuteman Press International program to a tee, offering excellent quality and service to local businesses and meeting their printing, design and marketing needs. We are excited to welcome Nikki into the franchise system as a second generation owner, as we know the business will be in very capable hands.”

With a healthy business model firmly in place, the Misenheimers can rest assured that when Nikki takes over the family business, she will continue to benefit from the same ongoing local support from the Minuteman Press franchise that they received for the past 30 years and counting.

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