One Easy New Years Resolution for Every Entrepreneur to Keep: The Business Card Makeover

One Easy New Years Resolution for Every Entrepreneur to Keep: The Business Card Makeover

Kick off 2016 with these 3 quick business card makeover tips…

As the calendar flips to 2016, it’s time to think about New Year’s Resolutions both for you and your business. While many New Year’s Resolutions are ambitiously made with the best of intentions, it is easy for them to get thrown by the wayside and completely forgotten about by February.

After all, life simply gets in the way sometimes, and the same goes for entrepreneurs who are trying to set the right tone for running their own businesses in the New Year.

With that said, there is one easy New Year’s Resolution that every entrepreneur should put on their list as it will give them a new look and help them get off to a fresh start in 2016: The Business Card Makeover.

It has often been said – including in this space – that you are what your business card says you are. One easy way to set a new tone for 2016 then is to look at your business card as if you are looking into the mirror. From there, think about how you might want to change things up on your business card, since it truly is a reflection of who you are in the business world. Just like you might think about putting on a new suit or changing your hairstyle, taking a long look at your business card as you would at yourself is a great way to kick off the New Year right.

3 Quick Business Card Makeover Tips

1. Make sure all information is accurate and the up to date with current trends – Before getting into the design, make sure you have not just accurate contact information but also information that is in line with current trends. If you want to drive your clients to engage with you online, make sure your social media names are listed along with traditional contact information. Distinguish your cell phone from your office line if you conduct business through text messages. You can also add a QR code to your business card to make for easy access to your website from mobile devices.

2. Make sure your business card captures your personality and matches your brand identity – You want your business card to represent your business, but also yourself. Adding a little bit of your own unique style to your business card – such as choosing a new paper stock that feels right to you or using foil stamping and embossing to include a touch of elegance and texture – will only serve your needs better and help you stand out in the New Year.

3. Get a professional opinion and custom design from your local business services provider – Now that you have the right information and the desired look in mind for your business card makeover, it’s time to get a professional opinion from your local business services provider whose expert staff has seen, designed and printed thousands of business cards for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Click here to find your local Minuteman Press and then contact their friendly expert staff online, on the phone or in person for a free consultation on your ideas for your new business card for the New Year.

With Minuteman Press, you will get the professional opinion you seek, the personalized attention you deserve, and the end result will be a brand new printed set of custom business cards that shows everyone that you can’t wait to turn the page and do business in 2016.

Happy New Year!

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