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Minuteman Press Franchise Review: Your Customer Base Will Grow Through Print

Response to printed media is powerful and proven. Use these tips to grow your customer base through printing and marketing services…

If you want your customer base to grow, make striking printed collateral central to your marketing efforts.  Multiple studies have demonstrated that offering reading material online for the purposes of marketing is just not as satisfying or effective as the tried and true printed word. In the U.S., for instance, consumers have declared their preference for paper-based media with 70% stating that they prefer to read print and paper communications and 40% of consumers say that they have tried a new business after receiving direct mail, with another 70% engaging in renewed relationships with businesses they had previously ceased using. –(Accurate Leads)

These are only a few of many studies with results that demonstrate how printing industry growth continues to include the unmatched ability to help businesses in a variety of industries grow and retain health in their current customer bases.  Compelling printed items of all kinds cater to the human senses in a way that, when done in partnership with design and production specialists within the business service industry instills early bonds and makes it more likely that potential clients nestle into the current customer base with lasting loyalty and profitable reliability.

Bob Ylinen, Minuteman Press Regional Vice President for Northern California and Nevada, is in a position to see how print has power to lure new customers in a way that other channels fall short. He says, “Utilizing printed materials to effectively market and promote your business is the first rule to being successful in business. Professionally designed tangible printed products create an introduction, conveys your message regarding the products and services your company provides and ultimately leaves a lasting impression. Marketing with printed products will enable you to not only grow your customer base but also keep your customers aware of new products and services that you can provide to them.”

Effective Marketing Encourages Brand Loyalty

Effective marketing simply must incorporate high-quality printing and experts on board to advise on their use as well as how and when to add variety to the mix. In order to attract new customers and establish strong ties so essential to the long-term health of every business enterprise, identifying target customers and utilizing traditional printed staples such as direct mail, promotional products, signs and banners will tremendously increase the number of existing clients rather than relying on digital methods alone.  Tending to the current customer base by sending unique mail pieces and promotional products with referral incentives and discounts will endear them to you and encourage them to pass the story of your excellent services and products to others.

Networking is Key

Networking should be ongoing as it is one of the most effective ways to promote business services and products as well as to find new customers.  By developing a solid list of contacts and building your profile through conference, trade show and various other event attendance, connecting with target customers will become a natural outgrowth of such efforts.  Making sure to develop a plan to broadcast brand awareness through a design consultation will result in stunning printed collateral from striking business cards, flyers, brochures and unique promotional items as well as attractive branded apparel.  All of these marketing tools will work tirelessly for the brand for which they are designed and help forge ties with new customers who will join the ranks of the existing customer base.  While meeting as many new people as possible, always give them your most updated business card.  Seek to build relationships with other business owners that you might develop mutually beneficial alliances within the community.  By connecting with other businesses that have equally high standards, the ease in offering referrals for both sides will further help ensure that there is no decline in new customer acquisition.

Create a Need and Market It

Marketing your business needs to be an essential part of every day and having flyers and posters printed to attract the attention of target customers can be carried along with you and your employees, always open to finding suitable places to display them, bolstering growth.  Top-quality postcards and labels with a sharply designed logo and company name should be used to send to target customers.  Additionally, printing web addresses and QR codes on marketing materials is a way to further connect with potential clients by linking to what could be interactive experiences of one’s brand through digital channels.

Bob Davidson, Minuteman Press franchise owner in Tigard, Oregon, is an expert in these areas and consults with his clients every day, successfully helping them bring in new customers with regularity.  Bob shares, “Typically and most frequently, this would be thru direct mail.   It is still a consistently effective medium.  People do still like to have an item that they can touch, and a physical piece will often stay around much longer than viewing something on the computer screen. This is truer when there is an offer or a coupon attached.  And it is even more true if you are mailing to a targeted audience, and even further true if you are mailing to an existing customer base, which will also reinforce “brand” loyalty as it is from someone that the customer has used before.”

Two Tips to Expand Your Customer Base through Print:

1. Never forget Newsletters – Communicating personally with each and every customer on a monthly basis to let them know what services and products are new, trending or available through special promotion would invigorate the current customer base and prime them to refer new clients. One fantastic way to spark growth and connect personally with current and then potential clients in a way that research continues to prove is preferred by most people, would be to have a design consultation and produce a sharp, beautifully printed monthly newsletter. With an increasing influx of digital spam, people welcome and appreciate the art and value of carefully selected paper stock, personalized content and special incentives in the form of a compelling, perhaps colorful, stunningly printed piece.

A newsletter of such high-quality is the antidote to decline and complaints on multiple professional levels, and even better, if it is sent on a monthly basis, it packs the power of personal calls or visits to every customer without the time and expense it would take to do so.  Of course, producing such a fine and worthy tool for drawing in new business will take organization, attention to written content, editing, design and printing.  The excellent news is that printing industry growth includes digital printing technology (with variable data printing) combined with traditional options. Everything needed from concept to production is covered if the best in the business is entrusted with the job.

Fortunately, widespread in communities everywhere are design, marketing and print production specialists hailing from Minuteman Press International, the world’s largest and number-one rated digital print, design and marketing franchise.

2. Holiday cards and Birthday cards – personal connections at their best – Using variable data printing to produce holiday cards and birthday cards for clients is a traditional way to strengthen long term business relationships and encourage referrals. Sending such personalized attention to people regularly with sharp, colorful, unforgettable printed cards could include a free product or service that will be very welcomed and remembered, perhaps even anticipated if it is established and consistent.

Highly targeted mailings that start with holidays and birthdays but could include anniversaries of different sorts is a simple way to generate goodwill, brand awareness, additional customers and sales.  Of course, most entrepreneurs are too busy to properly handle superior production of such campaigns and once again, mentors in the area of design, marketing strategy and production will become partners with them, producing striking printed pieces for campaigns that have proven over time to be superior when it comes to attracting new clients and satisfying all within the customer database.

Jody Numata, and her husband Goroh are owners of the Minuteman Press franchise in Houston, Texas, which produces only the highest-quality printed marketing items. They know that the personalized approach their staff insists upon is a comfort and a direct benefit to all of their clients.  Jody reflects, “Our corporate customers are always looking for innovative ways to reach their customers and grow their customer base.  One of the first things we do when consulting with a customer on print for marketing is identify their target audience.  What are they trying to sell?  To whom? From that starting point, we focus on how they would like their material presented.  Do they want newsletters, brochures/flyers, folders, notepads or some other product?  Then we take what we learned from the customer to work on an initial design and style for their print.  It’s important to coordinate a consistent theme throughout the customer’s marketing products by selecting appropriate color, paper and product to convey the customer’s message.  The consistency will help the customer’s clients identify them more readily in the marketplace and the attention to detail will give them an edge over competitors.   We offer options such as mail services and will work with the client to provide a target mail list if needed.”

Jody’s staff regularly addresses specific situations with personalized attention and solutions for her clients.  She explains further, “We have coordinated a mailing for a corporate client that required paper clipping pages together.  We arranged for special paper clips to match the client’s logo in style and color.  Another client who is in a service industry was looking for an introductory note card for their new clients.  We worked with them to design the introductory note card as well as a coordinating thank you note card that would follow up with a referral opportunity.  There are many ways to promote print as an option for growing a customer base.  You just need to learn all you can about that client’s needs before making your presentation.”

Print Connects in a Meaningful, Personal Way

To truly grow a healthy customer base, every potential client and every existing customer needs to feel like a premium customer and this requires excellence across all channels of contact and it is led by personal connection.  Digital connections are necessary and valuable, but they still fall short to print media when it comes to connecting in a meaningful, personal way.  People continue to feel that they have experienced a ripoff when tangible printed items are not provided to them and the risk of brand awareness dying down is too great to ignore this fact. Developing stronger relationships with prospects and current clients is the primary goal of all motivated business owners.

Ultimately, tapping into a comprehensive marketing plan with a partnership of distinction such as with The Minuteman Press Franchise is a way to ensure the future growth and maintenance of clients in a variety of industries.  Customers will keep coming back for more services and products because they will feel valued and loyal AND they will spread the word.

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