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Minuteman Press Franchise Review: Raising the Bar on Quality and Service Equals Repeat Business

There is a profitable distinction between “Good” and “Excellent”

People are judging your business and the pressure is on to impress them beyond the ability of the competition if you want to be profitable. 

Jack Panzer, Minuteman Press International Area Manager for the Arizona/Colorado Region, speaks about a truth that seems obvious but is frequently taken for granted by business owners motoring along, assuming they are providing excellence, but are falling short and landing merely on “good”.  “Good” isn’t going to keep customers coming back, nor will it breed loyalty. Rather, it is “excellent” quality and service that will proliferate customer acquisition and retention.

Jack states plainly, “It’s pretty simple. Give consistent, excellent service and combine it with quality and fair pricing for success.  Our Minuteman Press centers enjoy a tremendous amount of repeat business.” With an impressive track record of clients re-ordering, Minuteman Press franchises provide a perfect example of how to rake in repeat business AND they are equipped to provide their clients with exactly what they need to assure their own repeat business.  Minuteman Press franchise owners are launched ahead of their competitors directly due to a lengthy history of superiority as the world’s largest and number-one rated digital print, design and marketing franchise, and they flourish in that tradition as an example for other motivated entrepreneurs.

Excellent customer service pays off since 70% of purchasing experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated (according to a McKinsey report) and 55% of customers would actually pay extra to guarantee a better quality service (according to research by Defacto). Identify problems and make sure that every company employee engages clients with the clear intent to present solutions that will meet or exceed the anticipated resolutions for their problems.  This investment in personalized customer service will practically guarantee an excellent customer service experience and if the quality of the products presented to them is stellar, repeat business will be assured.  Reducing customer defection rate by 5% can increase profits by 5-95% – (Bain and Company)

3 Tips to Raise the Bar on Quality and Service

Here are 3 tips to “Raise the bar” your quality and service for repeat business:

1. Discuss their successful history with your business: By highlighting the length of time that you’ve been partnered with clients, there is an emotional element connected to your shared history that can have a strong influence and keep them coming back. An easy way to do this is to recall winning moments from your last few projects together.

2. Reciprocal feelings grow from personal service: These feelings include “I owe you one” and “you solved my problem when I needed help” are powerful motivators to stay loyal. If you’re operating as the best in your industry and are willing to do something which is seen as going out of the way to help, reciprocal feelings will be generated within the clients served and they will respond with a desire to return for more business and refer you to friends and colleagues. There was a study done in 2009 by the Keller Center and it was focused on gratitude.  It seems, “after receiving a benefit, people feel a deep-rooted psychological pressure to reciprocate and the failure to repay leads to guilt.”

Never let them forget you’re the best for their needs:  Chat with them about their preferences, solutions that have worked before and even life events, all of which reinforce excellent interpersonal connection.  Keep notes as they complete projects with you and reflect upon them occasionally during your interactions.  When customers’ personalities are appreciated, steps can be taken to encourage them to stay.  For instance, support could be offered if a client needs to make a big change and new services and products should always be offered as a wider part of their selection of solutions.

3. Classic “Thank you” and follow up: Always thank clients for their loyalty and long-term commitment and do it through the printed medium, the most effective way to cement your bond according to studies. People will continue to respond to gratitude. Receiving a high-quality, printed “Thank You” card in their mailboxes with a personal message and a bonus discount solidifies your professional bond. It laces a personal touch into the marketing campaign so needed in this fast-paced, digital world.

Boosting your quality and service up to the level of excellence amplifies your essential brand message, helps prove that you are the best in your industry and escalates repeat business.  The take-away lesson is to understand that “good” is not good enough to stimulate repeat business when it comes to the level of quality of your products and the manner in which you serve clients.  It is excellence that brings them back.

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