Custom Branded Apparel is One Easy Way to Make Employees Diplomats for Your Business

Custom Branded Apparel is One Easy Way to Make Employees Diplomats for Your Business

Why employees should wear custom branded apparel to cultivate a team culture and generate brand awareness…

Company clothing impacts the in-house workforce on multiple levels and to the great benefit of company brand overall.  It lifts pride, hones determination and boosts morale, which can only lead to the desire among employees to confidently spread the brand message because a naturally occurring response to people dressing in company colors is the greater attachment they will feel to their co-workers and their company.  From this seemingly simple adjustment in dress code, it is possible to unleash a fleet of diplomats not just into direct contact with the customer base, but also branching out further into channels that reach new potential, such as social media, local events and anywhere proud employees might travel.

A report by Deloitte Global Human Capital trends illustrated that 78 percent of those surveyed rank engagement or retention as urgent or important for continued success.  Employees with pride in their companies are more engaged and are retained more frequently than those for whom pride is not a factor.  Harvesting pride in staff means engaging a healthy company culture with people who are invested in the mission of the company, and it could be said that a very easy way to begin is by outfitting all employees with branded shirts.  It is through the higher level of attachment developed by wearing company colors that a personal investment is deepened and with that an intensely powerful asset comes forth as these new, properly attired diplomats become vocal advocates for their brand, with no complaints.

The Edelman Trust Barometer is a trust and credibility survey which collects data from more than 30,000 individuals and they revealed that “regular rank-and-file company employees have more credibility than executives”.  Look deeper than the immediate instinct to judge this as a negative result and upon review, it is clear that this is an actually an opportunity.  It makes basic sense that “rank-and-file company employees” are more immediately accessible to people within the business services industry and beyond by the nature of day to day transactions, so capitalizing on this fact by having them wear branded apparel is the logical thing to do.  It truly is a tremendous opportunity for growth as consumers connect a brand identity to specific elements of design, color, symbols and logos; so if regular employees wear a simple branded shirt, the credibility assigned to them via the survey above translates directly to the brand itself.  People are able to make an instant connection to brand through company clothing which gains awareness, with the color scheme and logo establishing familiarity and the employee wearing it establishing authority and trust.

Pete Scaglione, Minuteman Press International Regional Vice President in Dallas, Texas, is certain about the value of wearing company logo and colors, as he said, “If you wear it, you sell it.  The more you wear branded shirts, the more opportunity you give potential buyers to ask about your business.” Loyal employees, with a developed sense of teamwork, are more than happy to fill this role.

The advantage of employee loyalty isn’t tied solely to the company’s financial success but also, even more importantly, to the interest the company takes in the employees on a personal level.  A good way to begin to cultivate a healthy fleet of company diplomats for a brand is to give the gift of branded apparel as this will be an excellent means of fostering satisfaction and appreciation that they will not decline. It is advisable to add a personal touch by providing two: one bearing logo and colors alone and another bearing the employee’s name.  In this way, employees could be provided with both long and short sleeve options for comfort and preference all while augmenting brand exposure.

It is immediately apparent when a company has employees who are passionate about and love the brand for which they work, and this increases both word-of-mouth and actually bottom line reality.  A Gallup study showed that companies that have high employment engagement levels have almost four times the earning per share compared to competitors within their industry.  It is real people that have the corner on the market of social value, more than companies; and people directly involved with the brand have more influence than a hired PR firm, for instance.  Employees acting as diplomats for the brands they love will be more likely to get out there on social media and let it be known publically, which increases awareness of the brand, makes it easier for customers to find it online and increases the chance that brand position will improve in Google search results.   Make sure your employees identify with the core values of customer service, authority, responsibility and professionalism and working becomes a source of personal satisfaction.  Then they become driven to be better at all they do, including representing the brand in more aspects of their lives beyond the professional workforce, when human interaction in a relaxed, “after-hours” setting becomes yet another channel for brand awareness expansion.

Kim Rancatore and Diane Lavender are co-owner of Minuteman Press B2B franchises in North Versailles and Pittsburgh, PA. Kim reflects on the value of custom branded apparel and employees who are enthusiastic to wear it, saying, “Our employees wear our Minuteman Press shirts at all times during their work day. We never miss an opportunity to promote our brand.  By wearing the logo they continuously reinforce our company to whoever sees it. The more visibility we get the more potential for sales.  Our employees know the importance of making a good impression wherever they go and the responsibility they have to positively promote our company by their actions and by wearing the Minuteman logo.”

To nurture loyalty and further brand awareness, why not start with dedicated employees, all too happy to serve as brand diplomats?  They are trusted advisors for customers and it’s imperative that they are encouraged to actively engage others with their brand.  Dressed in comfortable, attractive, branded apparel, they will prove to be instant brand proponents, which is an incredible asset.

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